Usage examples for 2

  1. Mark those two places, Rotha, and mark them in the fly leaf of your Bible, 1. and 2 Suppose," he went on when she had done this, " suppose you have sought in this way, and the light does not come, and you are in danger of losing heart. – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  2. Hot water, 2 quarts. – The American Reformed Cattle Doctor by George Dadd
  3. 2 If equals are subtracted from equals, the remainders are equal. – The Teaching of Geometry by David Eugene Smith
  4. My mother accepted of my brother's 2 heads. – Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson by Peter Esprit Radisson
  5. 2 About eleven o'clock of the next morning Olva went to see Margaret. – The Prelude to Adventure by Hugh Walpole
  6. You lie on your back with 2 000 pounds on top of you and see how you like it! – The Dude Wrangler by Caroline Lockhart
  7. Sufficient,- 2 for a dish. – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton
  8. 2 Systematische Christliche Religion, v. – Edward Caldwell Moore Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant by Edward Moore
  9. Did they drive 2 of all the animals in the world in that house, uncle Josiah? – Sweet Cicely Or Josiah Allen as a Politician by Josiah Allen's Wife (Marietta Holley)
  10. 2 17, 18. 2 What did they have in the law? – Bible-Readings-for-the-Home-Circle by
  11. 2 I saw her, the queen. – The English Language by Robert Gordon Latham
  12. Of the money she had started with she had still $ 2 25. With daylight next day they started to work. – The Narrative of Gordon Sellar Who Emigrated to Canada in 1825 by Gordon Sellar
  13. I am going up to No. 2 to- night." – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor
  14. 2 164. MacDonnell's Range. – Australia Twice Traversed, The Romance of Exploration Australia Twice Traversed. The Romance Of Exploration, Being A Narrative Compiled From The Journals Of Five Exploring Expeditions Into And Through Central South Australia, And Western Australia, From 1 by Ernest Giles
  15. 2 The sister of his wife's mother. – Spinifex and Sand Five Years' Pioneering and Exploration in Western Australia by David W Carnegie
  16. 2 Of the States. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  17. Finally, we made an ende of that fort in 2 dayes' time. – Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson by Peter Esprit Radisson
  18. 2 O. M. Meaning me, Sir? – The Toy Shop (1735) The King and the Miller of Mansfield (1737) by Robert Dodsley
  19. 2 Pilate said to him, Speak on. – The Forbidden Gospels and Epistles, Complete by Archbishop Wake
  20. 2 What did Joseph find there? – A Young Folks' History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Nephi Anderson