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2010 - New Age Dictionary Database
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1913 - Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
By Noah Webster.
1920 - A practical medical dictionary.
By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop
1898 - Warner's pocket medical dictionary of today.
By William R. Warner
1874 - Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language
By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H.
  • Salt-s. Absinthii, Potassas subcarbonas, see Potash- s. Acetosellse, Potass, oxalate of-s. Acetosus ammoniacalis, Liquor ammoniae acetatis-s. Acidum benzoes, Benjamin-s. Aeratus, see Potassae carbonas-s. Albus, Soda, muriate of -s. Alembroth, Alembroth salt-s. Alkali, Soda, subcarbonate of-s. Alkalinus fixus fossilis, Soda-s. Amarum, Magnesiae sulphas-s. Ammoniac, volatile, Ammoniae carbonas -s. Ammoniacum, Ammoniae murias-s. Ammoniacum martiale, errum ammoniatum-s. Ammoniacum secretum Glauberi, Ammoniae sulphas- s. Ammoniacum tartareum, Ammonias tartras- s. Ammoniacum vegetabile. Liquor ammoniae acetatis-s. Ammoniacus nitrosus, Ammoniae nitras -s. Ammoniae, Ammoniae murias- s. Anglicanum, Magnesiae sulphas-s. Antiepilepticus of Weissman, Cuprum ammoniatum- s. Antimonii, Antimonium tartarizatum-s. Ammoniacum, Ammoniae murias-s. Armoniacum, Ammoniae murias-s. Artis, Alembroth salt-s. Asphaltitis, Bit noben-s. Catharticus amarus, Magnesiae sulphas-s. Catharticus Glauberi, Soda, sulphate of-s. Communis, Soda, muriate of- s. Cornu cervi volatile. Ammoniae carbonas-s. Culinaris, Soda, muriate of- s. Digestivus Sylvii, Potassae murias- s. Diureticus, Potassae acetas- s. de Duobus, Potassae sulphas- s. Ebsdamense, Magnesiae sulplas- s. Enixum, Potassae supersulphas-s. Epsomensis, Magnesiae sulphas- s. Essentiale Benzoes, Benjamin-s. Essentiale corticis Peruviani, Quinine- s. Febrifugus of Lemery, Potassae supersulphas-s. Febrifugus Sylvii, Potassae murias- s. Fontium, Soda, muriate of-s. Fossilis, Soda, muriate of-s. Fuliginis, Ammoniae carbonas- s. Gemmae, Soda, muriate of-s. Herbarum, Potassae subcarbonas- s. Indus, Saccharum album -s. Lixiviosum, see Lixivium- s. Lucidum, Soda, muriate of- s. Marinus, Soda, muriate of- s. Martis, Ferri sulphas- s. Martis Muriatieum sublimatum, Ferrum ammoniatum-s. Mirabile perlatum, Soda, phosphate of-s. Mirabilis Glauberi, Soda, sulphate of- s. Muriatieum baroticum. Baryta, muriate of- s. Nitrum, Potassae nitras- s. Ossium, Ammoniae carbonas -s. Panchrestum, Potassae tartras-s. Petrae, Potassae nitras-s. Tartarum, Potassae subcarbonas-s. Plumbi, Plumbi superacetas-s. Polychrestus, Potassae sulphas- S. Polychrestus Glaseri, Potassae sulphas cum sulphure- s. Polychrestum Seignetti, Soda, tartrate of- s. Prunellae, Potassae nitras fusus sulphatis paucillo mixtus-s. Rupellensis, Soda, tartrate of- s. Sapientiae, Alembroth salt, Potassae sulphas- s. Saturni, Plumbi superacetas- s. Scientiae, Alembroth salt- s. Secretus Glauberi, Ammoniae sulphas- s. Sedativus Hombergi, Boracic acid- s. Sedlicensis, Magnesiae sulphas- s. Seignetti, Soda, tartrate of- s. Sennerti, Potassae acetas- s. Seydschutzense, Magnesiae sulphas- s. Sodae, Soda, subearbonate of-s. Sodomenus, Bit noben- s. Succini, Succinic acid -s. Tartari, Potassae subcarbonas, see Potash- s. Tartari essentiale. Tartaric acid- s. Tartari sulphuratum, Potassae sulphas- s. Urinae, Microcosmicum Sal-s. Urinosum, Urea-s. Vegetabilis, Potassae tartras-s. Vitae, Alembroth salt- s. Vitrioli, Zinci sulphas- s. Vitrioli narcoticum, Boracic acid- s. Volatile, Ammoniae carbonas, Spiritus ammoniae aromaticus- s. Volatile Benzoes, Benjamin -s. Volatile boracis, Boracic acid- s. Volatile oleosum Sylvii, Spiritus ammoniae aromaticus- s. Volatile succini, Succinic acid- s. Volatilis salis amraoniaci, Ammoniae carbonas- s. Vomitorium vitrioli, Zinci sulphas.
1846 - Medical lexicon: a dictionary of medical science
By Robley Dunglison
1898 - American pocket medical dictionary
By Willam Alexander Newman Dorland
1916 - Appleton's medical dictionary
By Smith Ely Jelliffe
1871 - The Cabinet Dictionary of the English Language

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  • Diaphthol, ortho-oxyquinoline-meta-sulphonic acid; light yellowish crystals, very slightly soluble cold water, antiseptic in 1 per cent. solution; recommended also internally as a urinary antiseptic.
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