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  • Humour-h. Albugineous, Aqueous humour-h. Articularis, Synovia-h. Ceruminous, Cerumen-h. Doridis, Water, sea-h. Genitalis, Sperm-h. Glacialis, Crystalline, Corpus vitreum-h. Hyalinus seu Hyaloides, Corpus vitreum-h. Lacteus, Milk-h. Lacrymalis, Tear-h. Melancholicus, see Mercurialis-h. Mercurialis, see Mercurialis-h. Morgagnianus, Morgagni, humor of-h. Ovatus, Aqueous humour-h. Oviformis, Aqueous humour-h. Pericardii, see Pericardium-h. Purnlentus, Pus-h. Seminalis, Sperm-h. Venereus, Sperm-h. Vitreus, Corpus vitreum.
1846 - Medical lexicon: a dictionary of medical science
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1898 - American pocket medical dictionary
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1916 - Appleton's medical dictionary
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