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1920 - A practical medical dictionary.
By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop
1898 - Warner's pocket medical dictionary of today.
By William R. Warner
1908 - Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language
By Thomas Davidson
  • Denticeps, Dentarpaga, Dentiducum, Denticulum, Dentagogum, Dentalis forfex, Forfex dentaria, Odontharpaga, Odontagra, Odontagogon, from dens, dentis, 'a tooth,' and 'a seizure.' (F.) Davier. A toothforceps.
1846 - Medical lexicon: a dictionary of medical science
By Robley Dunglison
1898 - American pocket medical dictionary
By Willam Alexander Newman Dorland

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  • 5-Thymidylic acid. A thymine nucleotide containing one phosphate group esterified to the deoxyribose moiety.
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