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2006 - WordNet 3.0
By Princeton University
2011 - English Dictionary Database
By DataStellar Co., Ltd
1920 - A practical medical dictionary.
By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop
1898 - Warner's pocket medical dictionary of today.
By William R. Warner
  • Synclonus-c. Nictitatio, Nictation -c Palpitatio, Palpitation-c. Pandiculatio, Pandiculation-c. Pandiculatio maxillarum. Yawning -c. Singultus, Singultus-c. Sternutatio, Sneezing-c. Subsultus, Subsultus tendinum.
1846 - Medical lexicon: a dictionary of medical science
By Robley Dunglison
1898 - American pocket medical dictionary
By Willam Alexander Newman Dorland
1916 - Appleton's medical dictionary
By Smith Ely Jelliffe

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