\az θˈɜːtiwˈɒn], \az θˈɜːtiwˈɒn], \a_z θ_ˈɜː_t_i_w_ˈɒ_n]\
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  • An 8031/8051 assembler by KenStauffer and Theo Deraadt whichproduces a variety of object code output formats. Thedistribution includes an assembler, yacc parser, anddocumentation. as31 runs on Sun-3, Sun-4, SunOS 4.0,Tandy 6000, and Xenix.Latest version: 1, as of 1990-01-26.as31 Home (
1985 - The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
By Denis Howe

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  • Accompanied by proxy statement. Used group who on your behalf in the same way as they will vote. Usually occurs with ballots where all members can vote but only a small number actually turn up to
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