Usage examples for ZIM

  1. Cities and states are bought and sold by Soudan Zim, Whose simple word their thousand people hold as law. – Poems by Victor Hugo
  2. He allowed the fugue to grow dusty, while day and night he thought always of refrains that ran " Zim- la- zim- la zim- boum- boum!" – A Chair on The Boulevard by Leonard Merrick
  3. Zim was alone with her, this Goddess of the Night. – Poems by Victor Hugo
  4. But while Zim at the Sphinxes clenched his hand and shook, The cup in which it seems the rich wine sweetly breathes, The cup with jewels sparkling, met his lowered look, Dwelling on the rim which the rippling wine enwreathes. – Poems by Victor Hugo
  5. As we feel in the marvellous and matchless verses of Zim- Zizimi all the splendour and fragrance and miracle of her mere bodily presence, so from her first imperial dawn on the stage of Shakespeare to the setting of that eastern star behind a pall of undissolving cloud we feel the charm and the terror and the mystery of her absolute and royal soul. – A Study of Shakespeare by Algernon Charles Swinburne
  6. Zim cried, have often cleared my heated head Of heavy thoughts which your great lord have come to seek And torture with their pain and weight like molten lead. – Poems by Victor Hugo
  7. As our car halted, the cheer- leader gave a signal, and a hundred throats let out in unison: " Rickety zim, rickety zam, Brickety, stickety, slickety slam! – They Call Me Carpenter by Upton Sinclair
  8. Zim thee'll come to un, zooner or later, if this be the zample of thee. – Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor by R. D. Blackmore
  9. The Cup, Zim, in his fury, dashed upon the floor, Crying aloud for lights. – Poems by Victor Hugo
  10. 521 Restoration from Zim. – Sumerian Liturgies and Psalms by Stephen Langdon