[z_ˈɛ_s_t_ɪ], [zˈɛstɪ], [zˈɛstɪ]

Definitions of zesty:

  1.   marked by spirited enjoyment
  2.   having an agreeably pungent taste

Antonyms for zesty:

wearying, bland, boring, humdrum, tiring, arid, dreary, colorless, predictable, flat, barren, tasteless, watery, drab, leaden, uninteresting, weak, savorless, numbing, dull, stale, monotonous, pedestrian, spiritless, tedious, stodgy, flavorless, banal, dry, thin, wearisome, insipid, ponderous, dilute.

Usage examples for zesty:

  1. “ Chantelle U. S. A. Natural Port du Salut type described as " zesty by some of the best purveyors of domestic cheeses. ” – The Complete Book of Cheese by Robert Carlton Brown