[z_ˈɛ_n_ɪ_θ], [zˈɛnɪθ], [zˈɛnɪθ]

Definitions of zenith:

  1.   The point of the heavens directly overhead: greatest height. – The american dictionary of the english language. By Daniel Lyons. Published 1899.
  2.   Point of the heavens directly overhead: greatest height. – The Clarendon dictionary. By William Hand Browne, Samuel Stehman Haldeman. Published 1894.
  3.   The point in the heavens directly overhead: opposite to nadir; greatest height; summit. – The Winston Simplified Dictionary. By William Dodge Lewis, Edgar Arthur Singer. Published 1919.
  4.   The top of the heavens; the point in the heavens directly over a spectator's head- the nadir being the point directly opposite, or that under a spectator's feet; the highest or culminating point of any subject reffered to. – Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.
  5.   That point in the visible celestial hemisphere which is vertical to the spectator, and from which a direct perpendicular line, passing through the spectator, would proceed to the centre of the earth; opposed to nadir. Zenith- distance, the distance of a celestial body from the zenith. Zenith- sector, an astronomical instrument for measuring with great accuracy the distances from the zenith of stars which pass near that point. – Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language. By Nuttall, P.Austin. Published 1914.

Quotes for zenith:

  1. American power worldwide is at its historic zenith – Zbigniew Brzezinski
  2. I think one of the reasons people quit is because they're afraid they won't be able to get better and better; that they have to come to a zenith of some kind. – Conrad Hall
  3. For in the works of Robert Burns we see the whole cosmos of man's experience and emotion, from zenith to nadir, from birth until death. – Len G. Murray

Usage examples for zenith:

  1. He made again that gesture which I had already observed; he raised one defiant arm toward the zenith – The Master of the World by Jules Verne
  2. We are at the zenith – On the Future of our Educational Institutions by Friedrich Nietzsche
  3. There were two distinct heads, already widely separated, but each, it seemed to me, as brilliant as the original one had been, and each supplied with a vast plume of fire a hundred degrees in length, and consequently stretching far past the zenith – The Second Deluge by Garrett P. Serviss
  4. The rose- light had spread over the horizon and climbed almost to the zenith and with the dying booming and gentle clangor it began to fade till all was dark again. ” – The Land of the Changing Sun by William N. Harben
  5. The aurora played and flickered and surged upward toward the zenith while through it the pale stars shone. ” – The Ice Pilot by Henry Leverage
  6. The star shone in the zenith with a marvellous brilliancy. ” – Balthasar And Other Works - 1909 by Anatole France
  7. The military crisis is perhaps at an end; the economic crisis is visibly at its zenith but the intellectual crisis- it is with difficulty that we can seize its true centre, its exact phase. ” – The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by Theodore Lothrop Stoddard
  8. He was now at the zenith of his fame and the greatest man of his age, as Theopompus truly observes; yet he had more reason to be proud of his virtue than of his power. ” – Plutarch's Lives Volume III. by Plutarch
  9. “ I had seen her there before, but never dared approach her; and now I divided my time between watching her and a dense black cloud which had appeared in the west, and was fast approaching the zenith – Homestead on the Hillside by Mary Jane Holmes
  10. “ Clouds were piling gray and castle- like from the east up toward the zenith and dark fragments kept tearing off the edges and spinning away across the sky. ” – The Coast of Chance by Esther Chamberlain Lucia Chamberlain

Idioms for zenith: