Quotes of zeal

  1. We have been filled with grief as we have witnessed the decline of the North American Church that was once filled with missionary zeal and yet now seems determined to bury itself in a deadly embrace with the spirit of the age. – Peter Akinola
  2. Never let your zeal outrun your charity. The former is but human, the latter is divine. – Hosea Ballou
  3. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal well meaning but without understanding. – Louis D. Brandeis
  4. The Mohawks have on all occasions shown their zeal and loyalty to the Great King; yet they have been very badly treated by his people. – Joseph Brant
  5. When you are laboring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself. – Confucius
  6. Zeal without humanity is like a ship without a rudder, liable to be stranded at any moment. – Owen Feltham
  7. Zeal will do more than knowledge. – William Hazlitt
  8. There is a holy, mistaken zeal in politics, as well as in religion. By persuading others, we convince ourselves. – Junius
  9. Zeal is very blind, or badly regulated, when it encroaches upon the rights of others. – Pasquier Quesnel
  10. He that does a base thing in zeal for his friend burns the golden thread that ties their hearts together. – Jeremy Taylor
  11. Zeal is fit for wise men, but flourishes chiefly among fools. – John Tillotson

Usage examples for zeal

  1. The factor of zeal or enthusiasm points to the thyroid. – The Glands Regulating Personality by Louis Berman, M.D.
  2. This must be done with zeal and a kindly intention- But I- Now, when the fate of this country, my own, and the children's is hanging in the balance, when I have not fifteen minutes at my command, and there is no end of writing and consulting, I can waste no time on such matters." – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. Your zeal is carriage- bought. – Indian Summer by William D. Howells
  4. Has anything been proved to warrant this official zeal this government interference? – The Macdermots of Ballycloran by Anthony Trollope
  5. The reason why zeal is like the ardent fire of love is, because zeal is of love, which is spiritual heat, and this in its origin is like fire. – The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love by Emanuel Swedenborg
  6. To keep pace with the electric mind of this companion required some effort on her part, and she applied herself with renewed zeal to her studies. – The Life and Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Volume I (of 2) by Florence A. Thomas Marshall
  7. They attached themselves, with all their zeal and energy, to the Girondists. – Madame Roland, Makers of History by John S. C. Abbott
  8. Possibly the chaplain supposed this to be an excellent opportunity of showing the sort of man he was- one full of zeal – Amusement Only by Richard Marsh
  9. Winnie took it in the same pleasant mood and began upon both with great zeal but before she had got half through the strawberries something seemed to come over her recollection; and the latter part of the meal her face grew more shadowy than the growing evening. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  10. It would want a good deal of zeal to walk eight miles after a week's hard work. – Jill's Red Bag by Amy Le Feuvre
  11. Yes, we required all the zeal skill, and courage of our men and their chiefs to accomplish such a task. – An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne
  12. All are fired by the same zeal all obey the same lead, all work for the same object. – England and Germany by Emile Joseph Dillon
  13. Delighted with the graceful creature, I told her that I had been happy enough to feel interested in her even before I had seen her, and that now that I had the pleasure of seeing her, I could but renew with greater zeal all my efforts to serve her. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  14. The children, it was said, inherited their father's religious zeal – First Fam'lies of the Sierras by Joaquin Miller
  15. Had it been otherwise we might naturally have expected to find the zeal which was lacking in the National Church showing itself in other Christian bodies. – The English Church in the Eighteenth Century by Charles J. Abbey and John H. Overton
  16. The missionary zeal of New England, compared with that of New France, was exceedingly mild. – The War Chief of the Ottawas A Chronicle of the Pontiac War: Volume 15 (of 32) in the series Chronicles of Canada by Thomas Guthrie Marquis
  17. Stirr'd by an overwhelming zeal And social impulse, a terrible throng! – The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood by Thomas Hood
  18. But you see what zeal will do for me. – Jane Talbot by Charles Brockden Brown
  19. The Queen sold off all she possessed, received with her own hands sometimes even as little as ten pistoles, in order to content the zeal of those; who brought, and thanked them with as much affection as they themselves displayed. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete by Duc de Saint-Simon
  20. There was Jeeves, standing behind me, full of zeal – My Man Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse

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