Quotes of Zac

  1. I grew up being into sports and I wasn't trained to move my body in the right way for dancing. I'm the last one to get any moves correct. In rehearsals it's always, 'OK, one more take for Zac – Zac Efron
  2. I'll never try to put on a fake image. I'm just Zac – Zac Efron
  3. Zac Efron is my obsession, we're the same person. We're not actually here, it's like Janet and Michael Jackson. He just puts on his wig and a dress, and it's me, and you don't know that. It's one of the greatest mysteries of all time. – Megan Fox
  4. I may have had a crush on Zac but we are like brother and sister, so nothing would ever happen. – Vanessa Hudgens
  5. The second I met Zac I thought he was a really cool guy. It's hard not to have chemistry with someone who is so attractive. – Vanessa Hudgens
  6. This is going to sound really funny. I have a poster of Zac Efron on my wall! I think every girl has a poster of him in their room so, why not join the club! – Vanessa Hudgens
  7. Zac Efron is like a brother who's just goofy and crazy. He plays a lot of practical jokes. – Ashley Tisdale
  8. Zac Efron would make us feel guilty for eating big dinners. He'd say, "Do you really want to eat those carbs?" It was like, "Thanks a lot!" – Ashley Tisdale

Usage examples for Zac

  1. 11th, Zac beginning on the 1st of February. – Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vol. I. by John L. Stephens
  2. The month glyph of the last example looks like Zac – Was the Beginning Day of the Maya Month Numbered Zero (or Twenty) or One? by Charles P. Bowditch