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  1. Let me tell you something: if you're on an island for three and a half months and you're four and a half hours by boat from the nearest store, and there's nobody but 30 crew members on the island, I guarantee that you'd be running around without your clothes on. – Christopher Atkins
  2. Don't think your dreams don't come true, because they do. You'd better be careful what you wish for. And I truly and honestly- one day I am doing the 'Beaver' show and I said, 'This is the show I have always wanted to do.' – Barbara Billingsley
  3. Leadership is getting players to believe in you. If you tell a teammate you're ready to play as tough as you're able to, you'd better go out there and do it. Players will see right through a phony. And they can tell when you're not giving it all you've got. – Larry Bird
  4. I think being mean to people in high school is healthy. It's sort of like you're in this situation with all these other kids and sometimes you need to get your aggression out. And if you'd had people be mean to you before, it really does build character. – Lizzy Caplan
  5. I knew one thing: as soon as anyone said you didn't need a gun, you'd better take one along that worked. – Raymond Chandler
  6. Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act. – Leonard Cohen
  7. You're lucky I took me a vow of non -violence, or you'd be suffering some pain right now. – Mike Fink
  8. I always looked up there, because I remember a time when the only things on the walls in Fenway were the Jimmy Fund sign and the retired numbers. Never in a million years did you think you'd ever be up there with those guys. – Carlton Fisk
  9. You'd think that radio was around long enough that someone would have coined a word for staring into space. – Ira Glass
  10. Yes; quaint and curious war is! You shoot a fellow down you'd treat if met where any bar is, or help to half -a -crown. – Thomas Hardy
  11. I think people expect mud at festivals, I think you'd be asking for your money back if you didn't get it. – Peter Hook
  12. You'd rather have a surplus versus a shortage in your position. – Kenneth Lay
  13. Parents should conduct their arguments in quiet, respectful tones, but in a foreign language. You'd be surprised what an inducement that is to the education of children. – Judith Martin
  14. You were up at 5 o'clock in the morning, and then you'd ride in a caravan, because we didn't have big movie trucks or trailers that is the hardware of a movie camp. – Marguerite Moreau
  15. You have to count on living every single day in a way you believe will make you feel good about your life- so that if it were over tomorrow, you'd be content with yourself. – Jane Seymour

Usage examples for you'd

  1. You'd better go away again, then. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  2. And you, Salis, you'd better go too, or I may say something to you that you will not like." – The Man with a Shadow by George Manville Fenn
  3. You'd better take it young, if you did at all." – Half a Dozen Girls by Anna Chapin Ray
  4. I wish you'd just tell me the truth. – The Orange-Yellow Diamond by J. S. Fletcher
  5. If you'd marry me! – The Disturbing Charm by Berta Ruck
  6. " I guess you'd better put it off," he said. – Masters of the Wheat-Lands by Harold Bindloss
  7. And I knew you'd seen me and would do your best." – Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard by Eleanor Farjeon
  8. So if you don't mean it, you'd better let me know at once." – Lonesome Land by B. M. Bower
  9. Oh, I wish you'd do that now, won't you- please?" – Kincaid's Battery by George W. Cable
  10. I knew well enough you'd say 'Yes. – The Hero of Garside School by J. Harwood Panting
  11. If there's anything you want done, you'd better take it to him. – The Great Hunger by Johan Bojer
  12. You'd better stop it, or the doctor will be down on us. – The Willoughby Captains by Talbot Baines Reed
  13. " You'd better not talk. – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  14. Do as you'd be done by." – Short Cruises by W.W. Jacobs
  15. I thought you'd want me to let you know! – The Witness by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  16. I wish- I wish you'd try to help me to do it! – The Moon out of Reach by Margaret Pedler
  17. If you are going to give me up you'd better do it at once. – The Mad King by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  18. You said you'd thought of it, you know. – The Sherrods by George Barr McCutcheon
  19. " You'd better go, though," said Gilks. – The Willoughby Captains by Talbot Baines Reed
  20. But I daresay you'd be better without it. – Gossamer 1915 by George A. Birmingham

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