Usage examples for YEH

  1. But seein' as yeh didn't want it talked about.... – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance
  2. I guess he can tell yeh better'n me. – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance
  3. Wa'al, does yeh know w'at I tinks now? – Lost in the Cañon by Alfred R. Calhoun
  4. " Yeh, yeh, sure," Pickering agreed. – Uller Uprising by Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr
  5. What she said, after studying its detail thoughtfully for a moment, was: Yeh, but look. – Gigolo by Edna Ferber
  6. But Ah seen him befo' that, an' Ah speaks his notice by sayin', 'This yeh ain' no good place to sleep, on this yeh hahd stone sidewalk. – The Boss of Little Arcady by Harry Leon Wilson
  7. " Ah, that's the way I likes to 'ear yeh speak, Young friend," 'e sez. – The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke by C. J. Dennis
  8. Yeh, I ran into her comin' back. – Half Portions by Edna Ferber
  9. " You bet yeh," said Joe, husky with the muffles. – The Major by Ralph Connor
  10. " Do you know what will happen to you," he asked, " ef yeh don't get quit of that Carlos of yours?" – Romance by Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer
  11. Yeh didn't have no call to git excited then, Jim. – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance
  12. Ah'm gwine make a fo'tune dis yeh trip, Ah am. – The Mutineers by Charles Boardman Hawes
  13. It's somethin' it won't hurt yeh to remember. – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance
  14. Yeh oughttuh know how bad yeh want the matter hushed. – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance
  15. But don't yeh, here his teeth snapped like a dog's, don't yeh ever go foolin' with that girl again. – Corporal Cameron by Ralph Connor
  16. Come, git out, I tell yeh! – Corporal Cameron by Ralph Connor
  17. The leader nodded: Yeh, it's Cinnabar Joe, that used to tend bar in the Headquarters saloon in Wolf River. – Prairie Flowers by James B. Hendryx
  18. Ah, he's got a fit, can't yeh see? – Last Words by Stephen Crane
  19. Ah's gwine keep my eye on dat yeh man f'om Boston. – The Mutineers by Charles Boardman Hawes
  20. I kin lick yeh wid one han'. – Maggie: A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane