Quotes of YAMAHA

  1. Nobody seems to play Yamaha electrics, but it's the best guitar I own. – Daisy Berkowitz
  2. I played some Yamaha drums that I like a lot. And I like the Yamaha people a lot too. They've been really nice to me and The Band. – Levon Helm
  3. I'd just as soon be on a good Steinway or Yamaha just as well. – Marian McPartland
  4. When I was young, I had one of those Yamaha drum machines, and I used to practice to that quite a bit, just to practice soloing and being in time and completing all my phrases. – John Otto
  5. I have won on Honda and Yamaha so maybe it is interesting to win with a third team, Ducati, who are Italian. – Valentino Rossi
  6. In 2002 the Yamaha was at more or less the same level as the Honda, better in some ways, worse in others. But in the winter of last year between 2002 and 2003, Honda made a big step forward and it seemed as if Yamaha couldn't quite match that improvement. – Valentino Rossi