Definitions of Yachtsmen

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Usage examples for Yachtsmen

  1. And while three anxious yachtsmen on the cliff- top waited for her return, a hundred and twenty hungry and thirsty baffled ruffians on the sloop cursed her vehemently in their hoarse, dry throats. – The Pirate Woman by Aylward Edward Dingle
  2. They said they were both amateur yachtsmen, and, of course, I very soon found out that they knew what they were talking about- in fact, between you and me, I should have said that they were as experienced in sea- craft as any man could be! – Ravensdene Court by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  3. The three yachtsmen, huddled in their chains aft, stared in helpless amazement at the tableau; for such it became, when the fight stopped for a breath and every man's passion- filled face was lighted by the red glare. – The Pirate Woman by Aylward Edward Dingle
  4. There was no disguising the fact that his costume fell some way short of the standard maintained by Cowes yachtsmen. – Gossamer 1915 by George A. Birmingham
  5. There were few better yachtsmen in England than Froude, and he could manage a boat as well as any sailor in his native county. – The Life of Froude by Herbert Paul
  6. Yachtsmen, visitors, farmers and country wives, sober citizens and mothers of families, all meet centripetally and mount and are whirled to the mad strains of the barrel- organ under the flaming naphtha, around the revolving pillar where the mirrored images chase one another too quickly for thought to answer their reflections. – The Mayor of Troy by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  7. All honor to Lord Dunraven and to Sir Thomas Lipton for their persistent efforts to engage in generous rivalry with the yachtsmen across the sea. – The Glories of Ireland by Edited by Joseph Dunn and P.J. Lennox
  8. And as the boat swept alongside and the yachtsmen began to experience the thrill of near expectancy, Pearse caught sight of a knot of men loitering on the nearby slopes, and their appearance startled him. – The Pirate Woman by Aylward Edward Dingle
  9. Both yachtsmen, both advocates, what a bond of friendship there should be between us! – A Desperate Voyage by Edward Frederick Knight
  10. Dotting the western coast of Istria, between Trieste and Pola, are four small towns- Parenzo, Pirano, Capodistria and Rovigno- all purely and distinctively Italian, and, on the other side of the peninsula, the famous resort of Abbazia, popular with wealthy Hungarians and with the yachtsmen of all nations before the war. – The New Frontiers of Freedom from the Alps to the Ægean by Edward Alexander Powell
  11. Like many of these amateur yachtsmen, he's a better navigator than the captain of some Atlantic liners. – The Boy With the U.S. Miners by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  12. Practically all, officers and men, were civilians; a small minority were amateur yachtsmen, but the great mass were American college undergraduates. – The Victory At Sea by William Sowden Sims Burton J. Hendrick
  13. He had invited a party of friends- all yachtsmen like himself- and they had agreed to take " Queen Philippa" to the Mediterranean, there to cruise during the autumn months. – Wife in Name Only by Charlotte M. Braeme (Bertha M. Clay)