Usage examples for yachting

  1. He and his brother, Lord Francis, have been out yachting with Captain Audley. – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge
  2. My boy and Honoria are at Falmouth yachting, and have left me alone. – The Ship of Stars by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  3. As soon as his duties permitted, Burt took a rather abrupt departure for a hunting expedition in the northern woods, and a day or two later Amy received a note from Miss Hargrove, saying that she had accepted an invitation to join a yachting party. – Nature's Serial Story by E. P. Roe
  4. The incident brought Neigh still further from his retirement, and she learnt that he was one of a yachting party which had put in at Knollsea that morning; she was greatly relieved to find that he was just now on his way to London, whence he would probably proceed on his journey abroad. – The Hand of Ethelberta by Thomas Hardy
  5. It was Iola's first experience of yachting, and it brought her a series of sensations altogether new and delightful. – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor
  6. " I have acted either as best man or usher forty- two times now," said Van Bibber, as they drove to the church, " and this is the first time I ever appeared in either capacity in russia- leather shoes and a blue serge yachting suit. – Gallegher and Other Stories by Richard Harding Davis
  7. And the yachting cruise- that can't wait very much longer. – Brewster's Millions by George Barr McCutcheon
  8. Yachting was his passion. – The Life of Froude by Herbert Paul
  9. The lady is a daughter of Sir William Browne, and they are now yachting with a large party in the Mediterranean. – A Mysterious Disappearance by Gordon Holmes
  10. I suppose the hotel people are used to yachting- parties." – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  11. There are, unfortunately, serious drawbacks to the enjoyment which the eye derives from the gliding boats and palm- crowned huts; the amusement of yachting being seriously impeded by the method of spreading nets, for the purpose of capturing the finny tribes, while, in consequence of the immense quantity which is caught, the whole island occasionally smells of fish. – Notes of an Overland Journey Through France and Egypt to Bombay by Miss Emma Roberts
  12. Georgina, sorely wanting companionship now that Richard and Captain Kidd were off on their yachting trip, was thankful that Mrs. Triplett had met Captain Burrell the day before at the Bazaar, and had agreed with him that Georgina and Peggy ought to be friends because their fathers were. – Georgina of the Rainbows by Annie Fellows Johnston
  13. " If you like yachting, it would be nice if you could come and have a day's run with us," said the girl. – The Castle Of The Shadows by Alice Muriel Williamson
  14. They were about two inches apart, and about the size of those small brass buttons that yachting men used to put upon their jackets. – Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu
  15. To use a yachting expression, he has 'made everything draw. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  16. They made great friends at once with Mildred, Dorothy and Herbert Vaughan, who shared in all Sir Charles's hunting and yachting interests. – Franklin Kane by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  17. Before my departure from home I had to listen, of course, to the usual croaking chorus of acquaintances in the neighbourhood who were not going yachting and who, according to their own assertion, never would on any account go yachting. – The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance by Marie Corelli