Definitions of worse

  1. changed for the worse in health or fitness; " I feel worse today"; " her cold is worse"
  2. something inferior in quality or condition or effect; " for better or for worse"; " accused of cheating and lying and worse"
  3. ( comparative of ` ill') in a less effective or successful or desirable manner; " he did worse on the second exam"
  4. ( comparative of ` bad') inferior to another in quality or condition or desirability; " this road is worse than the first one we took"; " the road is in worse shape than it was"; " she was accused of worse things than cheating and lying"
  5. That which is worse; something less good; as, think not the worse of him for his enterprise.
  6. To make worse; to put disadvantage; to discomfit; to worst. See Worst, v.
  7. Bad, ill, evil, or corrupt, in a greater degree; more bad or evil; less good; specifically, in poorer health; more sick; - used both in a physical and moral sense.
  8. Comparative of bad; bad or ill to a larger extent; more evil or corrupt; less good; more sick; as, the patient is worse.
  9. In a less good manner or degree.
  10. That which is less good.
  11. ( used as comp. of BAD), Bad or evil in a greater degree: more sick.
  12. Bad in a higher degree.
  13. In a manner more evil or bad.
  14. More bad; more sick.
  15. As compar, of bad, ill, evil, and the More evil, unworthy, objectionable, unfortunate, etc.; in a more evil manner.
  16. The comparative of bad, evil or ill; bad, evil or ill in a greater degree; more depraved and corrupt, in a moral sense; in regard to health, more unwell or more sick; more bad; less perfect or good.
  17. Loss; not the advantage; something less good.
  18. Used as the comparative of the adjective bad; bad or ill in a greater degree; more depraved and corrupt.
  19. Not the advantage; loss, as, " Judah was put to the worse"; something less good, as, " he does not think the worse of him for it".

Usage examples for worse

  1. Worse than we thought. – The Project Gutenberg Plays of John Galsworthy, Complete by John Galsworthy
  2. " Very well, but any change seems as if it might be for the worse," she said. – Jewel's Story Book by Clara Louise Burnham
  3. You mean Dick's worse? – Johnstone of the Border by Harold Bindloss
  4. Ye're worse than a set o' bairns in their play- a. – The Parson O' Dumford by George Manville Fenn
  5. I am none the worse for it all." – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  6. They always make it hurt worse. – Heart of Gold by Ruth Alberta Brown
  7. Yes, and he's getting worse. – The Rosie World by Parker Fillmore
  8. This morning I am worse. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  9. I'm sorry if I've made it worse. – The Hollow of Her Hand by George Barr McCutcheon
  10. It will be worse for him if he is never to find you again. – Salute to Adventurers by John Buchan
  11. And they are going to get worse. – The Short Cut by Jackson Gregory
  12. They only seemed to make things worse." – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  13. How much worse do you think this is going to get? – Oomphel in the Sky by Henry Beam Piper
  14. But there was another thing worse than that. – Lysbeth A Tale Of The Dutch by H. Rider Haggard
  15. Ye may not be a thraitor, but ye're worse. – Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen by Finley Peter Dunne
  16. It's like what you said about nothing being big or little, only it's worse. – The Cuckoo Clock by Mrs. Molesworth
  17. But if I do, it won't last long, and then we'll be worse off than ever. – The Lure of the Labrador Wild by Dillon Wallace
  18. " It's worse than that," she replied. – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole
  19. " Your luck has been worse than mine. – The Hidden Places by Bertrand W. Sinclair
  20. A life such as mine could make one do worse than that. – Redemption and Two Other Plays by Leo Tolstoy