Definitions of worry

  1. be concerned with; " I worry about my grades"
  2. be on the mind of; " What is worrying you?"
  3. something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness; " New York traffic is a constant concern"; " it's a major worry"
  4. a strong feeling of anxiety; " his worry over the prospect of being fired"; " it is not work but worry that kills"; " he wanted to die and end his troubles"
  5. touch or rub constantly; " The old man worried his beads"
  6. lacerate by biting; of dogs
  7. lacerate by biting; " the dog worried his bone"
  8. disturb the peace of mind of; afflict with mental agitation or distress; " I cannot sleep-- my daughter's health is worrying me"
  9. be worried, concerned, anxious, troubled, or uneasy; " I worry about my job"
  10. be on the mind of; " I worry about the second Germanic consonant"
  11. To harass or beset with importunity, or with care an anxiety; to vex; to annoy; to torment; to tease; to fret; to trouble; to plague.
  12. To harass with labor; to fatigue.
  13. To feel or express undue care and anxiety; to manifest disquietude or pain; to be fretful; to chafe; as, the child worries; the horse worries.
  14. A state of undue solicitude; a state of disturbance from care and anxiety; vexation; anxiety; fret; as, to be in a worry.
  15. To shake, tear, or mangle with the teethl to trouble with anxiety or care; to vex or annoy; tease; harass.
  16. To feel or express undue anxiety; be fretful.
  17. Trouble; anxiety; perplexity; disturbance of mind.
  18. Worrier.
  19. Worried.
  20. Worrying.
  21. To tear with the teeth: to harass: to tease:- pa. t. and pa. p. worried.
  22. Trouble, perplexity, vexation.
  23. To tear with the teeth; harass; tease.
  24. Vexation; anxiety.
  25. To harass or vex; make anxious; annoy.
  26. To shake and tear; as, a dog worries a rat.
  27. To be uneasy in mind; fret.
  28. A state of perplexing anxiety; vexation.
  29. Worrisome.
  30. Perplexity; trouble; harassment.
  31. To tease; to trouble; to harass with importunity, or with care and anxiety; to fatigue; to harass with labour; to harass by pursuit and barking; to tear; to mangle with the teeth; to vex; to persecute brutally.
  32. To fret.
  33. To suffocate; to mangle with the teeth; to harass with care or anxiety, or with importunity; to tease; to fatigue; to persecute brutally.

Usage examples for worry

  1. No, children, don't worry Father. – The Twilight of the Souls by Louis Couperus
  2. " You need not worry yourself, captain," I said. – A Crime of the Under-seas by Guy Boothby
  3. The new men might as well have saved themselves their worry. – Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock
  4. And, remember, don't worry. – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln
  5. There's something else to worry about. – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole
  6. Don't worry about me, there's a dear. – Lonesome Land by B. M. Bower
  7. I wish I could be like you, Bobby, and not worry over things the way I do. – Bobby of the Labrador by Dillon Wallace
  8. Then, my dear, then we shall begin to worry. – The Diamond Master by Jacques Futrelle
  9. And don't worry; I'll have other work to do." – Out Like a Light by Gordon Randall Garrett
  10. What you don' know you don' worry over. – Neighbours by Robert Stead
  11. There is no need to worry. – Lola by Owen Davis
  12. " I wish she wouldn't worry about me. – Girls of the Forest by L. T. Meade
  13. Lowry's been pamming it all in; don't you worry about that! – Jean of the Lazy A by B. M. Bower
  14. But I will try to do better, mummie dear, I will indeed, so don't you worry your sweet head! – More About Peggy by Mrs G. de Horne Vaizey
  15. " Don't worry," said the princess. – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  16. O'Malley was beginning to worry. – A Yankee Flier in Italy by Rutherford G. Montgomery
  17. " Oh, do not worry about Victor. – The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
  18. I don't like her to worry. – The Bobbsey Twins in a Great City by Laura Lee Hope
  19. I did not worry. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930 by Various