Usage examples for wizen

  1. And now we perceived 'twas a woman muffled up in the Moorish fashion, a little, wizen old creature, who, casting back her head clothes, showed us a wrinkled face, very pale and worn with care and age. – A Set of Rogues by Frank Barrett
  2. For guides we had a man with a rakish air, and- we judged from his gait- a wooden leg, who tragically wrung the perspiration from his red flannel shirt at intervals; a boy, with one of those open countenances only saved from complete lateral division by the merciful interposition of the ears, and a wizen- faced old man of so feeble an appearance as to excite my constant sympathy, since his place chanced to be by my side. – An American Girl Abroad by Adeline Trafton
  3. The old man seemed to wizen at the voice, " My good friend, Grootver,-" he at once began. – Sword Blades and Poppy Seed by Amy Lowell
  4. In the rich yurta draped with expensive silk we discovered a feeble, wizen- faced little old man with shaven face and cropped hair, wearing also a high pointed beaver cap with red silk apex topped off with a dark red button with the long peacock feathers streaming out behind. – Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski
  5. The next Merewig I had to scribble on was a wizen old lady, with little grey curls on the temples, very shabby in dress, and very antiquated in costume. – A Book of Ghosts by Sabine Baring-Gould
  6. He had a half- defiant look, like a cornered stag, as he stood there protecting a small wizen- faced woman of an uncertain age, dressed in a long gray silk duster and pigeon- winged hat- one of those hats that looked as if the pigeon had alighted on it and exploded. – The Other Fellow by F. Hopkinson Smith
  7. The most familiar representation of " Squeers" is seen in the second plate, where he stands sharpening his pen, and is timorously approached by the stout father of two wizen- faced boys who are about to become his pupils. – 'Phiz' (Hablot Knight Browne), a Memoir. by Fred. G. Kitton
  8. Stella's eyes also rested upon the tiny wizen face. – The Lamp in the Desert by Ethel M. Dell
  9. He was a small, spare, wizen- faced man, with a three- cornered cocked hat, bound with broad gold lace, upon his head, under which appeared a full- bottomed flowing wig, the curls of which descended low upon his shoulders. – The Phantom Ship by Captain Frederick Marryat
  10. Scarcely had I settled myself in the saddle, and got firm hold of my reins again, proceeded Huldbrand, when an extraordinary little man sprang up beside me, wizen and hideous beyond measure; he was of a yellow- brown hue, and his nose almost as big as the whole of his body. – Famous Stories Every Child Should Know by Various
  11. On the contrary, Dallas' evident interest in the stranger had stirred the unnatural jealousy in her father's wizen brain. – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates
  12. And a strange little elf she looked, being very wizen and small, with one shoulder higher than the other, and a face full of pain. – A Set of Rogues by Frank Barrett
  13. An old man, white- haired and wizen, with a face like a knife- blade, and red, blinking eyes. – Nautilus by Laura E. Richards