Definitions of witty

  1. Wittiest.
  2. Possessed of wit; knowing; wise; skillful; judicious; clever; cunning.
  3. Wittiness.
  5. Wittier.
  6. Wittily.
  7. Having the faculty of arousing laughter by a bright or unusual way of expressing ideas; as, a witty person; marked by quickness and cleverness; as, witty remarks.
  8. Possessed of wit: amusing: droll: sarcastic: ( B.) ingenious.
  9. Having wit; droll; facetious.
  10. Having or displaying wit.
  11. Possessed of wit; given to indulge in wit; full of wit; sarcastic; smart spoken; judicious; ingenious.
  12. Possessed of wit; full of wit; facetious.