Usage examples for WISER

  1. She thought it wiser to say nothing. – Salome by Emma Marshall
  2. You know a great deal more than I about everything else, but in this instance I am wiser than you. – A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties by Charles Major
  3. But they now think it wiser, if it be in any way possible, to bring them straight back. – Good Old Anna by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  4. True it is that thou art changed- sadly changed, my lord; and the years have not worn upon thee as they might- I had thought to find thee an older man and, by thy grace, a wiser. – The Bronze Bell by Louis Joseph Vance
  5. Then no one would be the wiser. – The Veiled Lady and Other Men and Women by F. Hopkinson Smith
  6. That has puzzled people wiser than you and I, Daisy. – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell
  7. Sometimes a cold little doubt crossed her mind, and she wondered whether she was taking all this too much for granted, whether she really loved Billy, whether they should not be having serious talks now, whether changes, however hard, were not wiser " before than after"? – Saturday's Child by Kathleen Norris
  8. We shall come out of this dark time better, finer, wiser. – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  9. Love is older than I am, and wiser." – In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon
  10. M. le Duc will be wiser not to see him alone. – Helmet of Navarre by Bertha Runkle
  11. The answer was given that there was none wiser. – A Short History of Greek Philosophy by John Marshall
  12. " And no one would ever be any the wiser," said Mrs. Brown. – The Rich Mrs. Burgoyne by Kathleen Norris
  13. She had been wiser than she meant; certainly she had not been kind. – John March, Southerner by George W. Cable
  14. Antinous, you are wiser than I. Let us leave the future to the future. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  15. I am no wiser than a child. – A Little Girl in Old Quebec by Amanda Millie Douglas
  16. But she was not much wiser; for, hearing from Nurse Smith that " brief" was another word for short, she felt sure there must be some mistake. – The Kitchen Cat and Other Stories by Amy Walton
  17. That rabbit in the Traffic office had stirred up things I'd be wiser to forget. – The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  18. In my opinion you will be wiser than you are now, and that before many years; only keep your eyes open. – Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale by Ida Glenwood
  19. It would be wiser if you did not come back until I send for you. – Winston of the Prairie by Harold Bindloss
  20. It has made him wiser, replied Isaac; but I think it has not made him worse. – Isaac T. Hopper by L. Maria Child