Usage examples for winded

  1. They were badly winded but otherwise everything seemed all right. – Over Prairie Trails by Frederick Philip Grove
  2. Finally, his heavy breathing told me he was getting winded and I knew that if my strength did not fail me I should be the victor. – The Dude Wrangler by Caroline Lockhart
  3. They tumbled in among their friends, all but winded – Every Man for Himself by Hopkins Moorhouse
  4. " They have not winded him yet. – The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  5. Slightly winded from her mad dash, she paused outside the gate, flushed and triumphant. – Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore by Pauline Lester
  6. I've knelt and stood through enough o' your long- winded prayers, and now it's my time to talk and yours to listen. – Aunt Jane of Kentucky by Eliza Calvert Hall
  7. I won't admit it to the rest of them; but I don't seem to mind telling you, Katie, that I am almost winded – A Daughter of the Land by Gene Stratton-Porter
  8. Finally as the Yankee was getting winded he cried between puffs: Watch aout-! – The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me by William Allen White
  9. Her horse was winded after the climb, however, and she remained motionless to give him time to recover. – The Knave of Diamonds by Ethel May Dell
  10. My heart was thumping away because, even though the banker around the corner was long winded it was about time for him to get through with Richards; but the old man went into the bank all right before Richards came out. – Tales of the Road by Charles N. Crewdson
  11. But as far as we could see, it hadn't winded Ole. – At Good Old Siwash by George Fitch
  12. The friends stopped again- poor, short- winded bodies- on the crest of the low hill and turned to look at the wide landscape, bewildered by the marvelous beauty and the sudden flood of golden sunset light that poured out of the western sky. – Strangers and Wayfarers by Sarah Orne Jewett
  13. She has been very patient and kind of an evening in listening to me, though I am afraid I have often bored her terribly with my long- winded twaddle about ornithology and botany. – The Rajah of Dah by George Manville Fenn
  14. He was fat and short- winded and would suffer from the effort of laying on the blows. – The Unwilling Vestal by Edward Lucas White
  15. But for hours they had clambered thus, and now, mere specks against the brown, craggy mountain side, they paused for a blow; for you cannot take a steady aim when winded after real hard exertion. – The Heath Hover Mystery by Bertram Mitford
  16. First off I thought of runnin' him up the avenue until he's clean winded but I see by the way he strikes out that it would take more lungs than I've got to do that. – Torchy by Sewell Ford
  17. To make out this absurd proposition, he read extracts from the speeches of Whig members, against the removal of the deposits, to show what he called their prophecies of disaster to the people; then actually affirmed that the experiment of General Jackson upon the Currency had failed, and that all the Whig predictions had come true; and after sundry excursions into the Hard Money and State- Bank systems of the administration, finally wound up his remarks by a very fatiguing enumeration of the General's pledges to the people before his election, and his changes of opinion upon these subjects afterward;- in regard to which he produced and read certain long- winded documents from the President and Secretaries, to the great annoyance of our Quods, who, in fact, became so tired of this impertinent matter, that not more than half a dozen of them remained within hearing of the speaker, the great bulk of them having gone over to the spring to refresh themselves in a more agreeable manner. – Quodlibet by John P. Kennedy
  18. Give it a loose rein and man will get winded and ready to drop. – Quiet Talks about Jesus by S. D. Gordon
  19. He did not chase sticks, or run until he was winded for the pure joy of running. – Baree, Son of Kazan by James Oliver Curwood