Usage examples for wheedle

  1. Her Grace was in the shop the matter of a full hour and a half, trying to wheedle me out of a sight of this rare piece; and I, pretending not to know what her Grace would be after, but showing her thing after thing, to put it out of her head. – Marriage by Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
  2. I'll do exactly as you say about everything if you will help me wheedle Aunt Ollie into letting me have the money." – A Daughter of the Land by Gene Stratton-Porter
  3. Elsie presumed on her enormous experience of three months on the reservation, and gave Parker many valuable hints of how to wheedle the Tetongs in personal contact. – The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop by Hamlin Garland
  4. She had spent unlimited time with decorators, had studied and rejected innumerable water- color sketches of interiors, had haunted auction rooms and bid recklessly on things she felt at the moment she could not do without, later on to have to wheedle Leslie into straightening her bank balance. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  5. Miss Bridgie has been fretting over that old habit for a couple of years, and trying to wheedle a new one out of the Major, but it's Miss Joan that can twist him round her little finger when she takes the work in hand! – Pixie O'Shaughnessy by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  6. I tried to wheedle him. – Set in Silver by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
  7. The grocer proceeded to wheedle more news out of the village information bureau. – A Canadian Bankclerk by J. P. Buschlen
  8. No more shalt thou wheedle for them when they borrow, or bully for them when they pay! – Antonina by Wilkie Collins
  9. The Chief began to wheedle. – The Kenzie Report by Mark Clifton
  10. " Well, not wheedle, exactly, but what would be wheedling in some other girl- in me," said Charmian, offering herself up. – The Coast of Bohemia by William Dean Howells
  11. Hist, let me see if I cannot wheedle him a little. – The Blunderer by Moliere
  12. He had thought that he came to wheedle and beg, and Mr. Carter detested having favors asked of him. – Paul and the Printing Press by Sara Ware Bassett
  13. Regina apparently knew how to wheedle her mother, for next day she brought a note to school. – Loyal to the School by Angela Brazil
  14. He can at best cheat or bribe; while a woman can do all three, and in addition can wheedle and weep and, at need, even faint. – By Wit of Woman by Arthur W. Marchmont
  15. I will not join in council nor in act With him: he has deceived and wronged me once, And now he cannot wheedle me with words. – The Story of Troy by Michael Clarke
  16. We'll give you our subscriptions back in the house, if you'll act treasurer and wheedle Antonio. – The Jolliest School of All by Angela Brazil
  17. The means he invented to wheedle the generous, but methodical, executor out of these appropriations afforded Field more genuine pleasure than the success that attended them. – Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions by Slason Thompson
  18. She wants to wheedle me into seeing her. – Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett