Usage examples for weird

  1. How weird the tapestry looked in the firelight, and how the figures danced! – What Dreams May Come by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  2. This, he said, gave him relief, but it made him a weird sort of Caliban in his labors. – A Man to His Mate by J. Allan Dunn
  3. In this atmosphere of government, his own position seemed to him weird and fantastic. – The Devil's Paw by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  4. Under the incandescents, the effect grew weird – The Flying Legion by George Allan England
  5. Now, the mere repetition made the things to me rather more weird than more rational. – Orthodoxy by G. K. Chesterton
  6. Kind of weird too. – Wilt Thou Torchy by Sewell Ford
  7. Lambert started, so weird and unexpected was the sound. – Red Money by Fergus Hume
  8. He could only know that the weird experience stopped when someone shook hands with himself and that was all. – Long Ago, Far Away by William Fitzgerald Jenkins AKA Murray Leinster
  9. What he saw must have been weird enough. – All Cats Are Gray by Andre Alice Norton
  10. In a minute or so another war- cry would sound and the fierce, weird music and dance would be resumed. – Far Past the Frontier by James A. Braden
  11. He thought that it was not only his duty to guide us down those rivers, and do what he was paid for doing, but also to entertain us with stories curious and weird ancient and modern, strange and familiar. – Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell
  12. Not weird like seeing a man standing on a deserted street corner with no one else around. – Deadly City by Paul W. Fairman
  13. From where we are, the prospect is wild and weird with the white bed of the great lake sweeping nearly the whole southern horizon. – Australia Twice Traversed, The Romance of Exploration Australia Twice Traversed. The Romance Of Exploration, Being A Narrative Compiled From The Journals Of Five Exploring Expeditions Into And Through Central South Australia, And Western Australia, From 1 by Ernest Giles
  14. In seeking to do this we shall realize some of the truth of the things soldiers see which we have called " The Weird in War." – War and the Weird by Forbes Phillips R. Thurston Hopkins
  15. The effect was weird very uncomfortable. – The Secret of the Tower by Hope, Anthony
  16. " Ah," said Robinson, " a weird sort of thing, is it not?" – Montezuma's Castle and Other Weird Tales by Charles B. Cory
  17. Three of the stories include ghosts, while in " Macbeth" the weird sisters offer an opportunity for a most original treatment of the supernatural. – Tragedy by Ashley H. Thorndike
  18. As far as I can see it's too weird for anything. – The Lost Valley by J. M. Walsh
  19. And just then a bewitched hen in White's shed gave a weird cry and Truedale started. – The Man Thou Gavest by Harriet T. Comstock
  20. She swayed as she walked on weird little high heels and the toes of her boots drew out to long points, almost like a goblin's. – The Little House in the Fairy Wood by Ethel Cook Eliot