Usage examples for weeks

  1. Perhaps you can go out with me for a few weeks – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon
  2. She is good looking, and would only have had to wait a few weeks – Fair Margaret by H. Rider Haggard
  3. " I saw him six weeks ago," Tom said. – Gold in the Sky by Alan Edward Nourse
  4. I'll be with mine two weeks from now, after we've had our visit at the Pierces'. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  5. Such near neighbours, and to have taken no notice of them all these weeks – Anxious Audrey by Mabel Quiller-Couch
  6. We have been cut off from the rest of the world for two weeks – The White Desert by Courtney Ryley Cooper
  7. " I found the key and got in weeks ago. – The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  8. And all in a few short weeks – Peking Dust by Ellen N. La Motte
  9. Night and day for weeks you have been calling me, and so I came. – The Lady Of Blossholme by H. Rider Haggard
  10. I saw little of him in the next two weeks – The Harbor by Ernest Poole
  11. Well, it wouldn't be long now- another two weeks perhaps! – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach
  12. It may be two weeks – The Film of Fear by Arnold Fredericks
  13. Where have you been all this while- weeks and weeks – The End of a Coil by Susan Warner
  14. He told me to tell you that in a few weeks you might come back. – The Story of Wool by Sara Ware Bassett
  15. When the three weeks were up, the Captain came back as he had said. – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun
  16. Then I can go away from Buyukderer just for those few weeks – In the Wilderness by Robert Hichens
  17. I know now what I should have known weeks ago! – Bruce of the Circle A by Harold Titus
  18. " Two weeks last night," said Andy. – Uncle William The Man Who Was Shif'less by Jennette Lee
  19. Well, that's four weeks off. – The Rosie World by Parker Fillmore