Quotes of WEBSITES

  1. I've never been to the websites It's a lot healthier for me to keep out of the conversations about me. – Fiona Apple
  2. I use computers for email, staying current with my own website as well as finding important information through other websites I also use it for creating MP3 files of new music I'm working on. – Clint Black
  3. We all agree that parents have the primary responsibility of filtering the material that reaches children. However, children are often lured onto websites containing obscene material through the devious manipulation of search engines. – Robert A. Brady
  4. The Microsoft actions announced today are exactly the kinds of industry initiatives we need. Microsoft is using its resources to bring real privacy protection to Internet users by creating incentives for more websites to provide strong privacy protection. – William M. Daley
  5. Have you ever Googled yourself? I did, most depressing thing ever. People have websites hoping I die at 38. – Artie Lange
  6. The only danger about websites you know, is people who remember something you did or said thirty or forty years ago, and bring it up against you, so you're going for a job and you don't get it. – Patrick Macnee
  7. So many celebrity websites you go to are so sterile that you know they just pay somebody to do it and there's not even an ounce of them in it. – Cindy Margolis
  8. I've been doing this 17 years but I can tell you I have more websites now than I have ever had devoted to me or my past career or my character. When I got this show, I think I had two fans out there that had created websites on my behalf. – Robert Patrick
  9. The Internet's been so great, and it's so nice to have fans do nice, elaborate websites but I think the downside is some of the things... for real fans to go on and see that 90 percent of the information isn't true or to see pictures that aren't really me. – Denise Richards
  10. I think there is a difference between Slate and Salon. I think we both serve important functions on the Internet. As more and more Websites disappear, I'm thankful Slate is still around because it makes things less lonely. – David Talbot

Usage examples for WEBSITES

  1. Patrons could check opening hours, browse the online catalog, and surf on a broad selection of websites on various topics. – Booknology: The eBook (1971-2010) by Marie Lebert
  2. In 1995, newspapers and magazines began offering websites with a partial or full version of their latest issue - available freely or through free or paid subscription - as well as online archives. – Booknology: The eBook (1971-2010) by Marie Lebert
  3. In September 2000, the site was among the top 100 websites in the world. – Booknology: The eBook (1971-2010) by Marie Lebert
  4. In 2008, Wikipedia was in the top five websites – Booknology: The eBook (1971-2010) by Marie Lebert
  5. As stated on both websites Remember that there is no commitment expected on this site. – Project Gutenberg (1971-2005) by Marie Lebert
  6. In 2010, Project Gutenberg offered more than 33, 000 high- quality ebooks being downloaded by the tens of thousands every day, and websites in the United States, in Australia, in Europe, and in Canada, with 40 mirror sites worldwide. – 40 years / 40 años / 40 ans by Marie Lebert