Definitions of warm

  1. having or displaying warmth or affection; " affectionate children"; " caring parents"; " a fond embrace"; " fond of his nephew"; " a tender glance"; " a warm embrace"
  2. characterized by strong enthusiasm; " ardent revolutionaries"; " warm support"
  3. of a seeker; near to the object sought; " you're getting warm"; " hot on the trail"
  4. easily aroused or excited; " a quick temper"; " a warm temper"
  5. get warm or warmer; " The soup warmed slowly on the stove"
  6. uncomfortable because of possible danger or trouble; " made things warm for the bookies"
  7. characterized by liveliness or excitement or disagreement; " a warm debate"
  8. ( color) inducing the impression of warmth; used especially of reds and oranges and yellows; " warm reds and yellows and orange"
  9. make warm or warmer; " The blanket will warm you"
  10. psychologically warm; friendly and responsive; " a warm greeting"; " a warm personality"; " warm support"
  11. Having heat in a moderate degree; not cold as, warm milk.
  12. Having a sensation of heat, esp. of gentle heat; glowing.
  13. Subject to heat; having prevalence of heat, or little or no cold weather; as, the warm climate of Egypt.
  14. Fig.: Not cool, indifferent, lukewarm, or the like, in spirit or temper; zealous; ardent; fervent; excited; sprightly; irritable; excitable.
  15. Violent; vehement; furious; excited; passionate; as, a warm contest; a warm debate.
  16. Being well off as to property, or in good circumstances; forehanded; rich.
  17. In children's games, being near the object sought for; hence, being close to the discovery of some person, thing, or fact concealed.
  18. To communicate a moderate degree of heat to; to render warm; to supply or furnish heat to; as, a stove warms an apartment.
  19. To make engaged or earnest; to interest; to engage; to excite ardor or zeal; to enliven.
  20. To become warm, or moderately heated; as, the earth soon warms in a clear day summer.
  21. The act of warming, or the state of being warmed; a warming; a heating.
  22. Having yellow or red for a basis, or in their composition; - said of colors, and opposed to cold which is of blue and its compounds.
  23. To become ardent or animated; as, the speake warms as he proceeds.
  24. Having heat in a moderate degree; not cold; giving out moderate heat; preventing one from feeling cold; having little cold weather, as a climate; earnest; eager; passionate; kindly; suggesting heat by color, as red.
  25. To impart moderate heat to; to fill with interested or excited; as, the audience warmed to the speaker.
  26. To become moderately heated; to become interested or excited; as, the audience warmed to the speaker.
  27. Warmly.
  28. Having moderate heat, hot: subject to heat: zealous: easily excited: violent: enthusiastic.
  29. To make warm: to interest: to excite.
  30. To become warm or ardent.
  32. Warmth: heat.
  33. A warming: a heating: as. let us get a good warm. Dickens.
  34. Having moderate heat; zealous; excited; excitable.
  35. To make, or become, warm.
  36. To make or become warm; heat slightly.
  37. Having moderate heat.
  38. Ardent; zealous; passionate.
  39. Having heat in a moderate degree; not cold: having prevalence of heat; zealous; ardent; habitually ardent; irritable; keen; animated; busy or heated in action; fanciful; enthusiastic; vigorous; sprightly.
  40. To communicate a moderate degree of heat to; to interest; to engage; to excite ardour or zeal in; to set aglow.
  41. To become moderately heated; to become ardent or animated. Warm colours, those which have yellow or yellow- red for their basis.
  42. Having heat in a moderate or gentle degree; having little or no winter, as a climate; zealous; ardent; easily excited or provoked; enthusiastic; in paint., applied to colours that have yellow or yellow- red for their base; easy and safe in money matters, as " he was deemed a warm man".
  43. To impart heat to in a moderate degree only; to excite to ardour or zeal in; to become warm or animated.

Usage examples for warm

  1. Drink half of it while it is warm, and the other half in two hours. – The American Frugal Housewife by Lydia M. Child
  2. The sun is warm this morning." – Sara, a Princess by Fannie E. Newberry
  3. I'll warm you, Parson, when I get hold of you. – The Willoughby Captains by Talbot Baines Reed
  4. We shall lie in the great sun and warm ourselves. – The Lost Art of Reading by Gerald Stanley Lee
  5. Abel's house is fine and warm, and so is ours. – Bobby of the Labrador by Dillon Wallace
  6. Did you ever know me wash myself out with warm water? – A Double Knot by George Manville Fenn
  7. Warm Water, in short, is the best of Sudorifics. – Advice to the people in general, with regard to their health by Samuel Auguste David Tissot
  8. He awoke two hours later, and felt the warm sun beating down upon him. – Tom of the Raiders by Austin Bishop
  9. How warm and pleasant it was! – In The Blue Pike, Volume 2. by Georg Ebers
  10. The weather was warm all through the year. – The Children's Six Minutes by Bruce S. Wright
  11. It is so warm a night, Hester! – Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles by Mrs. Henry Wood
  12. Your heart is warm to me. – King Lear's Wife; The Crier by Night; The Riding to Lithend; Midsummer-Eve; Laodice and Danaë by Gordon Bottomley
  13. Getting warm, aren't you? – Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  14. You see I am not angry- you have made my heart warm towards you for the interest you take in her. – By Birth a Lady by George Manville Fenn
  15. He looked at her quickly with a warm light in his dark eyes. – The Woman With The Fan by Robert Hichens
  16. We found it warm in church to- day. – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  17. You don't need to go home if you warm up right. – Every Soul Hath Its Song by Fannie Hurst
  18. " One gets warm," she said, " in a moment." – The Trumpeter Swan by Temple Bailey