Definitions of wanton

  1. To rove and ramble without restraint; to revel; to play loosely; to play lasciviously; to move briskly and irregularly.
  2. To squander; waste; revel.
  3. Untrained; undisciplined; unrestrained; hence, loose; free; luxuriant; roving; sportive.
  4. Wandering from moral rectitude; perverse; dissolute.
  5. Specifically: Deviating from the rules of chastity; lewd; lustful; lascivious; libidinous; lecherous.
  6. Reckless; heedless; as, wanton mischief.
  7. To cause to become wanton; also, to waste in wantonness.
  8. To spend or waste recklessly.
  9. To rove and ramble without restraint, rule, or limit; to revel; to play loosely; to frolic.
  10. To sport in lewdness; to play the wanton; to play lasciviously.
  11. To pass the time in reckless pleasure; revel.
  12. To ramble without restraint: to frolic: to play lasciviously.
  13. To frolic; revel; daily.
  14. become extravagant; indulge ( oneself) luxuriously
  15. behave extremely cruelly and brutally
  16. engage in amorous play
  17. indulge in a carefree or voluptuous way of life
  18. To play or revel without restraint; to behave with lewdness; to revel.
  19. One brought up without restraint; a pampered pet.
  20. A roving, frolicsome thing; a trifler; - used rarely as a term of endearment.
  21. A man or woman of loose, immoral habits.
  22. A wanton or lewd person, esp. a female: a trifler.
  23. A licentious person.
  24. A lewd person; a lascivious man or woman; a trifler; an insignificant flutterer; a word of slight endearment.
  25. A lascivious man or woman; a woman inclined to lewdness.
  26. Wantonly.
  27. occurring without motivation or provocation; " motiveless malignity"; " unprovoked and dastardly attack"- F. D. Roosevelt
  28. Unrestrained; roving; sportive; trifling; loose in morals; reckless; malicious; as, wanton desruction of property.
  29. Sportive; licentious; not justified.
  30. Unrestrained; frolicsome; licentious.
  31. Wandering or roving in gaiety or sport; sportive; frolicsome; playing in the wind; wandering from rectitude; licentious; unchaste; lascivious; loose; unrestrained; luxuriant; extravagant.
  32. Unrestrained; loose; indulging the natural appetites; disposed to lewdness; running to excess; reckless.