Definitions of Wakened

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Usage examples for Wakened

  1. I wakened him, took the reins and was about to mount, when at the moment I heard my name called. – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
  2. Mr. Ludolph told the maid that she must find out what Christine was painting, and she tried to that degree that she wakened suspicion. – Barriers Burned Away by E. P. Roe
  3. The boy finally wakened up and got his clothes on, and found that she was just ready to leave with a neighbor for his home, and that someone must go for the doctor. – Tales and Trails of Wakarusa by Alexander Miller Harvey
  4. I have wakened out of my sleep to watch and listen. – Sea Poems by Cale Young Rice
  5. We knew that we should be wakened and kept awake by the waits singing in the cold; and we were glad to be kept awake so. – The Feast of St. Friend by Arnold Bennett
  6. He would have wakened in a few hours, such was his custom of years to four- hour watches on ships, but he was permitted less than an hour of sleep. – The Passing of Ku Sui by Anthony Gilmore
  7. He wakened his father by a quick bark and said, See what I have caught. – Fifty Fabulous Fables by Lida Brown McMurry
  8. " I saw the knife in your bosom last night," she said, " and laughed so that I nearly wakened you. – King--of the Khyber Rifles by Talbot Mundy
  9. Something had wakened him abruptly. – The Shagganappi by E. Pauline Johnson
  10. Late in the afternoon he wakened – The Amazing Interlude by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  11. I wakened suddenly and sat up in bed. – The Window at the White Cat by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  12. In all the years, ever thoughtful of his comfort and of the constant strain upon his strength, Lois had never wakened her son at night. – The Story Of Waitstill Baxter by By Kate Douglas Wiggin
  13. Of course, if anything out of the usual should happen while Mr. Hastings were taking his trick in his berth, he would have to be wakened – Dave Darrin's Fourth Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock
  14. If she attempted to pull or push me forwards I screamed, and at length I sent forth a scream that wakened my mother- her bell rang, and she was told that it was only Master Harrington, who was afraid of poor Simon, the old- clothes- man. – Tales & Novels, Vol. IX [Contents: Harrington; Thoughts on Bores; Ormond] by Maria Edgeworth
  15. Philip wakened her the next morning. – The Wishing-Ring Man by Margaret Widdemer
  16. It was near evening when my Mother wakened me. – The Fire Bird by Gene Stratton-Porter
  17. He did, too, for at sharp five o'clock the next morning Wilbur was wakened to find the older man up and with breakfast ready. – The Boy With the U. S. Foresters by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  18. She was wakened by the men shouting as they drew near the house, to show that they were coming home. – The Gold Of Fairnilee by Andrew Lang
  19. The fire was low and gave out no light when he wakened – The Lure of the North by Harold Bindloss
  20. Next morning, long before Marylyn and her father wakened Dallas roused. – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates