Definitions of wad

  1. To form into a mass, or wad, or into wadding; as, to wad tow or cotton.
  2. To insert or crowd a wad into; as, to wad a gun; also, to stuff or line with some soft substance, or wadding, like cotton; as, to wad a cloak.
  3. To form into, close by, or stuff with, a small, soft mass or bunch.
  4. To form into a mass: to stuff a wad into:- pr. p. wadding; pa. t. and pa. p. wadded.
  5. To press into a mass; pack; put a wad in.
  6. To form into a wad; to stuff with a wad.
  7. Wadding.
  8. a wad of something chewable as tobacco
  9. Specifically: A little mass of some soft or flexible material, such as hay, straw, tow, paper, or old rope yarn, used for retaining a charge of powder in a gun, or for keeping the powder and shot close; also, to diminish or avoid the effects of windage. Also, by extension, a dusk of felt, pasteboard, etc., serving a similar purpose.
  10. A soft mass, especially of some loose, fibrous substance, used for various purposes, as for stopping an aperture, padding a garment, etc.
  11. Alt. of Wadd
  12. A small mass of soft material; a soft bunch of cotton, wool, rope, etc., used to stop an opening, pad a garment, etc.; a soft plug to hold a charge of powder or shot in position; as, a gun wad.
  13. Mass of paper, tow, & c., packed together, or used to keep the charge in a gun.
  14. A small compact mass of soft substance, as used for packing, etc.
  15. A little mass of some soft or flexible material, such as hay or tow; a substance made of hay or tow rolled in a ball, and rammed into a gun to keep down the powder.
  16. An earthy oxide of manganese.
  17. In Cumberland, the name given to black- lead, a mineral found in detached lumps and not in veins.
  18. Wadded.