Usage examples for WAAD

  1. Waad said that the Pope stirred up peoples not to obey their sovereigns. – John Knox and the Reformation by Andrew Lang
  2. On August 15, Sir George Harvey was succeeded by Sir William Waad, who had shown Raleigh great severity before his trial. – Raleigh by Edmund Gosse
  3. That this torture had been threatened, in express disobedience to the King's order, staggered some of the commissioners, and covered Sir William Waad with confusion. – Raleigh by Edmund Gosse
  4. On November 5, Sir W. Waad was instructed to bring Raleigh out of the Tower, and prepare him for his trial. – Raleigh by Edmund Gosse
  5. They proceeded to a restaurant, and when they got nicely settled down with their drinks and smokes, the skipper remarked- " Aa wonder what Jimmie waad say if he could see Mark Gaze sittin' in a hotel hevvin' his whisky and smokin' a cigar?" – Looking Seaward Again by Walter Runciman
  6. Meanwhile Salisbury did not take the hint, and the brick wall Waad wished built up was not begun. – Raleigh by Edmund Gosse
  7. Long afterwards, on April 25, 1584, Mary was discussing the various churches with Waad, an envoy of Cecil. – John Knox and the Reformation by Andrew Lang
  8. Lady Raleigh had particularly offended Sir William Waad by driving into the Tower in her coach. – Raleigh by Edmund Gosse
  9. When he returned from examination, the wall which Waad had desired to put between the prisoner and the public was in course of construction. – Raleigh by Edmund Gosse