Definitions of vulgar

  1. Vulgarity.
  2. One of the common people; a vulgar person.
  3. Vulgarly.
  4. conspicuously and tastelessly indecent; " coarse language"; " a crude joke"; " crude behavior"; " an earthy sense of humor"; " a revoltingly gross expletive"; " a vulgar gesture"; " full of language so vulgar it should have been edited"
  5. lacking refinement or cultivation or taste; " he had coarse manners but a first- rate mind"; " behavior that branded him as common"; " an untutored and uncouth human being"; " an uncouth soldier-- a real tough guy"; " appealing to the vulgar taste for violence"; " the vulgar display of the newly rich"
  6. of or associated with the great masses of people; " the common people in those days suffered greatly"; " behavior that branded him as common"; " his square plebeian nose"; " a vulgar and objectionable person"; " the unwashed masses"
  7. Belonging or relating to the common people, as distinguished from the cultivated or educated; pertaining to common life; plebeian; not select or distinguished; hence, sometimes, of little or no value.
  8. Hence, lacking cultivation or refinement; rustic; boorish; also, offensive to good taste or refined feelings; low; coarse; mean; base; as, vulgar men, minds, language, or manners.
  9. Of or pertaining to the common people; common; general; unreflned; in bad taste; as, ain't is a vulgar expression; low; mean; as, a vulgar fellow.
  10. Pertaining to or used by the common people, native: public: common: mean or low: rude.
  11. Pertaining to common people; common; low; indecent.
  12. Pertaining to the common people; coarse or common; low; inelegant; unrefined; vernacular.
  13. Pertaining to the common people; used or practised by common people; vernacular; national; common; used by all classes; public; low; boorish; rude; unrefined.
  14. Practised by the common people; common; vernacular, as in the vulgar tongue; offensively mean or low; rude; unrefined.