Definitions of void

  1. declare invalid; " The contract was annulled"; " avoid a plea"
  2. an empty area or space; " the huge desert voids"; " the emptiness of outer space"
  3. excrete or discharge from the body
  4. ( law) lacking any legal or binding force; " null and void"
  5. containing nothing; " the earth was without form, and void"
  6. clear ( a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear ( a place, receptacle, etc.) of something; " The chemist voided the glass bottle"; " The concert hall was voided of the audience"
  7. declare invalid; " The contract was annulled"; " void a plea"
  8. lacking any legal or binding force; " null and void"
  9. Containing nothing; empty; vacant; not occupied; not filled.
  10. Being without; destitute; free; wanting; devoid; as, void of learning, or of common use.
  11. Not producing any effect; ineffectual; vain.
  12. Containing no immaterial quality; destitute of mind or soul.
  13. An empty space; a vacuum.
  14. To remove the contents of; to make or leave vacant or empty; to quit; to leave; as, to void a table.
  15. To throw or send out; to evacuate; to emit; to discharge; as, to void excrements.
  16. To render void; to make to be of no validity or effect; to vacate; to annul; to nullify.
  17. To be emitted or evacuated.
  18. Having no incumbent; unoccupied; - said of offices and the like.
  19. Empty; vacant; lacking: with of; without result; in vain; useless; as, all their efforts were void; unfilled, as an office; in law, having no force; null.
  20. To cause to be empty; to vacate; to send or throw out; to discahrge; to annul or cance, as a law.
  21. A vacuum; an empty space.
  22. Voidable.
  23. Unoccupied: empty ( so in B.): having no binding force: wanting: unsubstantial.
  24. An empty space.
  25. To make vacant: to quit: to send out: to render of no effect.
  26. Empty; destitute; null; unsubstantial.
  27. To vacate; quit; expel; annul.
  28. To render null; annul.
  29. To send out; emit; evacuate.
  30. Vacant; empty; unoccupied; destitute; clear.
  31. A vacuum; emptiness.
  32. Not occupied with any visible matter; empty; vacant; without inhabitants or furniture; having no legal or binding force; free; clear, destitute; having no incumbent; unsubstantial; vain. Void space, a vacuum To make void, to render useless or of no effect.
  33. To quit; to leave; to evacuate; to render of no validity or effect; to make or leave vacant.
  34. To leave empty; to empty; to vacate; to evacuate or be evacuated; to send out; to render of no effect.

Usage examples for void

  1. In reply, General Jackson said he had fought for the people of Georgia; that the land belonged to them and to their children; and that, should the conspirators succeed, he, for one, would hold the sale to be void. – Stories Of Georgia 1896 by Joel Chandler Harris
  2. That resource is almost void at present; nevertheless, this house being more spacious than the old one, the prices of admission higher, and the performance, perhaps, more constantly attended, the money taken at the door cannot well be less than it was formerly. – Paris As It Was and As It Is by Francis W. Blagdon
  3. In 1815, while so sitting, they declared a certain statute of the State unconstitutional and void. – The American Judiciary by Simeon E. Baldwin, LLD
  4. And then life seemed to him void of meaning and light. – A Mere Accident by George Moore
  5. Beyond them, in their vision, lay only the stars of outer space, the void that did not belong to our system. – The Secret of the Ninth Planet by Donald Allen Wollheim
  6. The human spirit, the brute spirit, the vegetable spirit- all are mere names to fill a void. – The Breath of Life by John Burroughs
  7. As the writer of the Genesis account has it: " The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep." – The New Theology by R. J. Campbell
  8. " He says that the worlds arise when many bodies are collected together into the mighty void from the surrounding space and rush together. – The Approach to Philosophy by Ralph Barton Perry
  9. Ah, folly void of counsel! – Suppliant Maidens and Other Plays by AEschylus
  10. Joy usually comes as twins, and the great perplexity is to discern which the first- born is, that our homage may not return unto us void. – St. Cuthbert's by Robert E. Knowles
  11. Anyone may at any point lay his finger on this, that, or the other feature of the Scheme, and show some void that must be filled in if it is to work with effect. – In-Darkest-England-and-the-Way-Out by Booth, William
  12. And when he dies, shall they go down into the void with him? – The Soul of a People by H. Fielding
  13. Out of the void taut fingers came and clasped his own. – The Heritage of the Hills by Arthur P. Hankins
  14. I looked up into the roaring void above me and breathed a parting prayer, for it seemed that the ship's end must be at hand. – Mr. Trunnell by T. Jenkins Hains
  15. When he spoke to Mr. Sherwin, his voice was as void of expression as his face: it was rather low in tone, but singularly distinct in utterance. – Basil by Wilkie Collins
  16. That the author of darkness possesses men of so bright countenance, and that so great grace of aspect bears a mind void of inward grace!" – A Short History of Monks and Monasteries by Alfred Wesley Wishart