Usage examples for vine

  1. From the terrace of the courtyard one gets an impressive view of the Loire, which glides by two or more kilometres away, and of the towers and roof- tops of Tours, and the vine- carpeted hills which stretch away along the river's bank in either direction. – Castles and Chateaux of Old Touraine and the Loire Country by Francis Miltoun
  2. Or the vine may be supported by a stake driven in the ground. – Manual of American Grape-Growing by U. P. Hedrick
  3. Vine very vigorous, hardy, productive. – Manual of American Grape-Growing by U. P. Hedrick
  4. Vine: Will you drink? – Georgian Poetry 1913-15 by Edited by E. M. (Sir Edward Howard Marsh)
  5. Set them near the fire, covered with plenty of vine leaves. – The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches, by Mary Eaton
  6. What can a branch do apart from the vine? – My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year by John Henry Jowett
  7. " Wake up, little one," cried the vine, " for the prince is coming!" – A Little Book of Profitable Tales by Eugene Field
  8. Around the flag is a graceful running vine. – The Little Book of the Flag by Eva March Tappan
  9. It was a very long vine, reaching to the top of a high tree. – Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Edward Eggleston
  10. To appreciate wistaria, one vine with a spread of fifty feet bearing ten thousand racemes of blossoms a foot long is not enough; you must enter and disappear into a region of such vines, and then loaf and stroll with an untroubled nose and your heart's desire. – IT and Other Stories by Gouverneur Morris
  11. But I feel an interest in you, as branches of the same vine from whose root I daily draw the principle of spiritual vitality- Yes! – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  12. Although it was early in September, and the heat and dust of a Kentucky summer still lingered in every corner of Lloydsboro Valley, the great house with its vine- covered pillars was being hastily put in order for winter closing. – The Little Colonel at Boarding-School by Annie Fellows Johnston
  13. A vine was growing about the door, with little white flowers, peeping out from its green leaves. – Clematis by Bertha B. Cobb Ernest Cobb