Quotes of videos

  1. Videos are more like photography. It's not as much about trying to tell a story as it is creating images. – Tatyana Ali
  2. Get that right, then- if you get the quality right, then the marketability or whatever; your ability to sell videos or your ability to earn money or whatever, will follow naturally. But try to be creatively lead rather than market lead. And that's important to me. – Rowan Atkinson
  3. My favorite show is America's Funniest Home Videos People will get hit on the head and I feel bad cause I'm laughing my head off! – Corbin Bleu
  4. It really is no different in the way that we make records and shoot music videos I don't think of the movie as being a great leap out of my current profession. – Wayne Coyne
  5. But ya have to make videos in the States. Usually ours just look too serious. We haven't got it together. – Evan Dando
  6. Young singers are much better educated musically, much better informed, through discs and videos than I was. – Placido Domingo
  7. There was a time when country never used to do videos – Crystal Gayle
  8. I enjoy the videos with the sound off, where you can look at the belly buttons and everything. Really some pretty girls, but I don't know about the music. – Merle Haggard
  9. I come from a background of hanging out with friends and shooting videos with them, with funny stuff coming out of the group. I guess we got the same charge jocks get out of sports. – Michael Patrick Jann
  10. I've also directed, shot, and edited several music videos – Richard King
  11. And part of my vision is to do dynamic videos for kids. – Tim LaHaye
  12. A whole new generation is looking at the videos and going to the video shop and buying the re -release of the complete trilogy, which you can buy at a reasonable price. – Peter Mayhew
  13. Those involved in the program are interested in how to use photography, videos the Internet, film, and anything related to communications and transmission of information in the most up -to -date modern ways. – Major R. Owens
  14. These days there's so much technology and ways you can learn. There are videos and CD roms. – Mick Taylor
  15. I do enjoy making videos even though they are long days and very hard work. – Tanya Tucker

Usage examples for videos

  1. Most women in sf are used as support characters, just as they are in movies and music videos – An Encounter in Atlanta by Ed Howdershelt
  2. We have seen the depth of our enemies' hatred in videos where they laugh about the loss of innocent life. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various