Definitions of vibration

  1. ( physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean
  2. The act of vibrating, or the state of being vibrated, or in vibratory motion; quick motion to and fro; oscillation, as of a pendulum or musical string.
  3. A limited reciprocating motion of a particle of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from its position of equilibrium, when that equilibrium has been disturbed, as when a stretched cord or other body produces musical notes, or particles of air transmit sounds to the ear. The path of the particle may be in a straight line, in a circular arc, or in any curve whatever.
  4. The act of swinging, quivering, or thrilling; trembling motion or sound.
  5. A vibrating: state of being vibrated.
  6. The act of vibrating; oscillation.
  7. A complete motion back and forth.
  8. The act or vibrating or oscillating; a regular reciprocal motion of a body suspended; oscillation; alternate or reciprocal motion; the motion of a chord, or the undulation of any body, by which sound is produced.
  9. A tremulous motion; the act or state of being moved one way and the other in quick succession; the tremulous motion produced in a body when struck, or disturbed by any impulse.
  10. vibrating slightly and irregularly; as e. g. with fear or cold or like the leaves of an aspen in a breeze; " a quaking bog"; " the quaking child asked for more"; " quivering leaves of a poplar tree"; " with shaking knees"; " seemed shaky on her feet"; " sparkling light from the shivering crystals of the chandelier"; " trembling hands"
  11. Vibrational.