Definitions of vascular

  2. Operating by means of, or made up of an arrangement of, vessels; as, the vascular system in animals, including the arteries, veins, capillaries, lacteals, etc.
  3. Of or pertaining to the higher division of plants, that is, the phaenogamous plants, all of which are vascular, in distinction from the cryptogams, which to a large extent are cellular only.
  4. Relating to the vessels of an animal or vegetable body which carry or convey fluids, as blood in animals and sap in plants.
  5. Of or relating to the vessels of animal and vegetable bodies.
  6. Pertaining to, or containing, vessels.
  7. Pertaining to, consisting of, or containing vessels or ducts.
  8. Pertaining to the functional, and specially the circulatory vessels of animal or vegetable bodies, as arteries, veins, & c.
  9. Consisting of or containing vessels, as arteries or veins; composed of small vessels like the woody tissue or substance of flowering plants, used in contradistinction to cellular.
  10. Consisting of, or containing vessels adapted for the transmission or circulation of fluid.