Definitions of v erbA Genes

  1. Retrovirus- associated DNA sequences ( ERYTHROBLASTOSIS VIRUS, AVIAN, hence erbA) originally isolated from the avian erythroblastosis virus. The c- erbA proto- oncogene encodes the thyroid hormone receptors ( RECEPTORS, THYROID HORMONE). Two distinct c- erbA proto- oncogenes have been identified, erbA- alpha and erbA- beta, each giving rise to at least two proteins. erbA- alpha is located at 17q21 on the long arm of chromosome 17. erbA- beta is located at 3p24 on the short arm of chromosome 3. The v- erbA oncogene potentiates cell transformation through inhibition of spontaneous differentiation of cells already transformed by the v- erbB gene and eliminates growth requirements of transformed erythroblasts.