Usage examples for uteri

  1. It has been shown that the os uteri is not closed, as was once supposed, immediately on conception. – Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by W. G. Aitchison Robertson
  2. With index finger, examine os uteri; if closed and only backache, have patient turn on right side, and press hand on abdomen above pelvis, and gently press or lift belly up just enough to allow blood to pass down and up pelvis and limbs. – Philosophy of Osteopathy by Andrew T. Still
  3. Of the five females which he mentions, the first three, one with unfertilised ova in the uteri, two five and six days after heat, could not have been pregnant, but the other two killed eighteen and twenty- one days after heat might, since pregnancy lasts only eight days, have been pregnant, the young having died at parturition or before. – Hormones and Heredity by J. T. Cunningham
  4. During the whole of this time there are no embryos in the uteri, and therefore it might be urged absorption of hormones from the embryos cannot be the cause of the persistence of corpora lutea in pregnancy. – Hormones and Heredity by J. T. Cunningham
  5. Of the remaining females from Harding County, three collected on May 29 had enlarged uteri, whereas two collected in late June evidenced no gross reproductive activity. – Mammals of Northwestern South Dakota by Kenneth W. Andersen