Definitions of UT HOSPITES

  1. Lat. As guests. 1 Salk. 25, pi. 10. Ut poena ad paucos, metus ad omnes perveniat. That the punishment may reach a few, but the fear of it affect all. A maxim in criminal law, expressive of one of the principal objects of human punishment 4 Inst. 0; 4 Bl. Comm. 11. Ut res magis valeat quam pereat. That the thing may rather have effect than be de- stroyed. Saltonstall v. Sanders, 11 Allen ( Mass.) 455; Simonds v. Walker, 100 Mass. 113; National Pemberton Bank v. Lougee, 108 Mass. 373, 11 Am. Rep. 307. Ut summae potestatis regis est posse quantum velit, sic magnitudinis est velle quantum possit. 3 Inst. 230. As the highest power of a king is to be able to do all he wishes, so the highest greatness of him is to wish all he Is able to do.