Usage examples for unsophisticated

  1. Such a tone as I guessed the minister would have taken, I am very sure, is the true, unsuborned, unsophisticated language of genuine, natural feeling, under the smart of patience exhausted and abused. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  2. Many of those pure and unsophisticated republicans shouted, " Property is in danger!" – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper
  3. Girls even like Amy were not so unsophisticated as they appeared to be, and he felt that he was profoundly experienced in such questions, if in nothing else. – Nature's Serial Story by E. P. Roe
  4. The hours followed each other, and even the live creatures of the wilderness ceased to fear the motionless sleeping form of the young adventurer, but a year ago a hearty unsophisticated English schoolboy, now the bearer of his own life and the lives of others; thrown upon his own resources, alone, in the then scarcely known wilds of northern Zululand. – The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley by Bertram Mitford
  5. His employer said: " Oh, Bert is thoroughly honest and trustworthy, and naturally a capable fellow; but I think he is rather too unsophisticated to act in that capacity, as I don't believe he has ever visited a town of over three hundred inhabitants in his life." – Twenty Years of Hus'ling by J. P. Johnston
  6. Evidently the cares and complications of guardianship were already proving too intricate for the unsophisticated countryman. – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln
  7. But this method, although it might be sufficient for many, perhaps for most, of our readers- for all, indeed, who come to the study of the subject with reflective but unsophisticated minds- could scarcely be expected to meet the case or to satisfy the wants of those who stand most in need of instruction; the men, and especially the young men, in all educated communities, who, imbued with the spirit of philosophical speculation, and instructed, more or less fully, in the principles of modern science, have been led, under the influence of certain celebrated names, to adopt opinions which prevent them from seriously considering any theological question, and to regard the whole subject of religion with indifference or contempt, as one that lies beyond the possible range of science,- the only legitimate domain of human thought. – Modern Atheism under its forms of Pantheism, Materialism, Secularism, Development, and Natural Laws by James Buchanan
  8. He taught it to speak in unsophisticated language and of the humbler and more familiar interests of life. – Stories of Authors, British and American by Edwin Watts Chubb
  9. When Andreae, unsophisticated as he still was with respect to the real character of Philippism, publicly declared that the Wittenbergers were orthodox teachers, and that the Corpus Misnicum contained no false doctrine he was supplied with a testimonial in which the Wittenbergers refer to their Corpus, but not to Andreae's articles, to which also they had not fully consented. – Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church by Friedrich Bente
  10. He knew that this innocent, unsophisticated creature would see no reason on earth why he should not ask, and no reason why she should not grant, and on that account he felt prohibited. – The Portion of Labor by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  11. It is in direct opposition also to all the unsophisticated feelings of human Nature. – A Practical Enquiry into the Philosophy of Education by James Gall
  12. He had conquered hearts before, why should he not this unsophisticated one? – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  13. He might easily have wrought ruin in the life of this unsophisticated woman, who could not, in one remove from savage ancestry, grow away from the tendency of love to follow its own, regardless of consequences. – An I.D.B. in South Africa by Louise Vescelius-Sheldon
  14. And in saying those words they had managed to say that John Harlow was an unsophisticated student, and that they would run him down between them. – Duffels by Edward Eggleston
  15. Good- day, you very unsophisticated person. – Red Money by Fergus Hume
  16. The parents, it appears, are ignorant and unsophisticated, and have left it for the children to find out what these dances mean. – The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society by Upton Sinclair
  17. We are less unsophisticated now: but there are certainly large numbers of His Majesty's subjects by whom a novel on this principle ought to be called " an english" though it might have to share that appellation with the newspaper. – The English Novel by George Saintsbury
  18. Still, Carley would not acknowledge to herself that his simple, unsophisticated Western girl could possibly be a rival. – The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey
  19. Mrs. Bracken had gone out with her husband and there was no one in the apartment that seemed so big and grand to Mary Rose's unsophisticated eyes. – Mary Rose of Mifflin by Frances R. Sterrett