Usage examples for unseal

  1. Such tastes and acquirements in a man of his condition made the contrast more poignant between his outer situation and his inner needs, and I hoped that the chance of giving expression to the latter might at least unseal his lips. – Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton
  2. Percy tried to pump Agnes as to the cause of the rupture, but nothing could unseal her lips on the secret. – The Cricket by Marjorie Cooke
  3. With a refinement of feeling which all lovers will understand, he gave himself the pleasure of pausing before his happiness; he would not even unseal that blissful note until the moment when, with closed doors and no interruptions to distract him, he could enjoy at his ease the delicious sensation of which his heart had a foretaste. – The Lesser Bourgeoisie by Honore de Balzac
  4. They all knew how the future Mrs. Potts had brought a plum- cake down to the steamer, when she came to say good- bye, and made Potts promise he wouldn't unseal the packet till Christmas. – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
  5. In every city and village, wherever there is human life, with its evil passions and good affections, there are histories to stir the heart and unseal the fountains of tears. – Home Scenes, and Home Influence A Series of Tales and Sketches by T. S. Arthur
  6. " Then don't unseal them," cautioned the voice. – The Exploits of Elaine by Arthur B. Reeve
  7. In the above we have the true philosopher’ s contempt for death, and also the calm knowledge of the initiate, of the comforter and adviser of others to whom the secrets of their lives have been confessed, that no tortures can ever unseal his lips. – Apollonius of Tyana, the Philosopher-Reformer of the First Century A.D. by George Robert Stowe Mead
  8. All you have to do is unseal that door. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith
  9. She could not give it now, unless he would unseal his lips, and lay bare the hidden years. – The Man from Jericho by Edwin Carlile Litsey
  10. Will you unseal the exit? – Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930 by Various
  11. She seldom wept, but when any thing did unseal the fountains that lay so deep, she cried with all her heart, and felt the better for it. – Work: A Story of Experience by Louisa May Alcott
  12. My hair was shaven close to my skull; my head ached dismally; I moved my hand with an effort, and my eyelids were so weak that I could not unseal them for a time. – Tales of the Chesapeake by George Alfred Townsend
  13. Ah, why will you not unseal my lips? – The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu by Sax Rohmer
  14. Let her have leisure to consult her heart, And in confiding friendship to unseal Her long- closed bosom. – The Maid of Orleans A Tragedy by Frederich Schiller
  15. Would it unseal his lips on a subject so long tabooed, and set him into a lengthy dissertation on the foolishness of his son's marriage? – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter
  16. We are dumb, Save that from finer souls at times may rise Once in an age, faint inarticulate sounds, Low halting tones of wonder, such as come From children looking on the stars, but still With power to open to the listening ear The Fair Divine Unknown, and to unseal Heaven's inner gates before us evermore. – Nature Mysticism by J. Edward Mercer
  17. His resurrection from the dead would suffice to unseal their lips. – The Gospel According to St. Mark by G. A. Chadwick