Usage examples for unprintable

  1. On a sudden he stopped, straightened his back, and remonstrated with the Colonel in unprintable terms, for putting off the halt later than ever they had yet, " after such a day." – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
  2. Paula gave a little scream, while Tod let loose a flow of unprintable profanity. – John Marsh's Millions by Charles Klein Arthur Hornblow
  3. " Why you-" The rest of what I said was unprintable. – Noble Redman by Jesse Franklin Bone
  4. But he might be a wise man who called upon Mr Eliot to set himself to the composition of a poetic drama; and without a doubt he would deserve well of the commonwealth who should summon the popular imitators of Mr De la Mare, Mr Davies, or Mr Eliot to begin by trying to express something that they did comprehend or desired to comprehend, even though it should take them into thousands of unprintable pages. – Aspects of Literature by J. Middleton Murry
  5. And it was Ponk himself who brought them, with some unprintable language and violent denunciations of certain females who were deadlier, he declared, than any males, even blackmails. – The Reclaimers by Margaret Hill McCarter