Definitions of universal

  1. coupling that connects two rotating shafts allowing freedom of movement in all directions; " in motor vehicles a universal joint allows the driveshaft to move up and down as the vehicle passes over bumps"
  2. Universally.
  3. Of or pertaining to the universe; extending to, including, or affecting, the whole number, quantity, or space; unlimited; general; all- reaching; all- pervading; as, universal ruin; universal good; universal benevolence or benefice.
  4. Constituting or considered as a whole; total; entire; whole; as, the universal world.
  5. Adapted or adaptable to all or to various uses, shapes, sizes, etc.; as, a universal milling machine.
  6. Forming the whole of a genus; relatively unlimited in extension; affirmed or denied of the whole of a subject; as, a universal proposition; -- opposed to particular; e. g. ( universal affirmative) All men are animals; ( universal negative) No men are omniscient.
  7. The whole; the general system of the universe; the universe.
  8. A general abstract conception, so called from being universally applicable to, or predicable of, each individual or species contained under it.
  9. A universal proposition. See Universal, a., 4.
  10. Pertaining to the whole system of created things; general; entire; prevailing everywhere.
  11. Comprehending, affecting, or extending to the whole: comprising all the particulars.
  12. Comprehending all; affecting the whole.
  13. Universality.
  14. Relating to the universe; unlimited; general; entire; total.
  15. All; general; comprehending the whole number, quantity or space; total; whole; comprising all. Universal joint, a contrivance for giving motion obliquely to certain instruments. Universal proposition, one which affirms the predicate to belong to the whole of the subject.
  16. A general notion; a universal proposition.
  17. Embracing or comprehending the whole; general; all; comprising all the particulars.
  18. In logic, a general abstract conception universally applicable to each individual or species contained under it.

Usage examples for universal

  1. The surprise, the oppression, the terror of some, the universal silence are over. – Astronomy for Amateurs by Camille Flammarion
  2. So far as we can conceive of such a state, it would be one in which there would be no 'individuals' at all, but an universal being in and for another; where being took the form of consciousness, it would be the consciousness of 'another' which was also 'oneself'- a common consciousness. – Christian Mysticism by William Ralph Inge
  3. But for the children, marriage would indeed be a universal failure. – Modern marriage and how to bear it by Maud Churton Braby
  4. The room seems to have been called the Parlour for some time; the name Combination Room is now universal at Cambridge, and may have arisen from the fact that the cost of running the room was met by the Fellows combining together for the purpose. – St. John's College, Cambridge by Robert Forsyth Scott
  5. We have no general system and no universal exchange. – The Portal of Dreams by Charles Neville Buck
  6. It is not yet, however, universal. – The Social History of Smoking by G. L. Apperson
  7. As it stands now, the choice is between Eltron Electric and Universal. – The Way of Decision by M. C. Pease
  8. Pentecost is merely a beginning of what is to be universal. – Quiet Talks on the Crowned Christ of Revelation by S. D. Gordon
  9. 1900 represents a universal milling machine. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  10. But now Charles' day had come, and universal attention was directed to the grave assembly about to meet on the next morning. – The Life and Times of Ulric Zwingli by Johann Hottinger
  11. We are all agreed, in the United States, that elementary education should be universal. – On the Firing Line in Education by Adoniram Judson Ladd
  12. And in their surrender to this- to which, as they feel sure, the physical order too is really keeping time- they taste a larger life; more universal, more divine. – The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day by Evelyn Underhill
  13. And this trunk was the one I found in their room at the Universal. – The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katharine Green
  14. If the logic of their emotions in this direction were a resolution to like all the Americans with a universal affection, I should admire their spirit, but I should feel a difficulty in its operation for a reason which I hesitate to confess; I do not like all the Americans myself. – London Films by W.D. Howells
  15. A movement of astonishment and terror was universal. – The Last Of The Barons, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  16. But now it is universal, a thing not to be escaped, but to be accepted, readily, bravely, even gladly. – The Cow Puncher by Robert J. C. Stead
  17. Luxury, according to the universal experience of those who have had it, has no connection whatever with happiness. – The Feast of St. Friend by Arnold Bennett