Usage examples for units

  1. Firm friendships were rare, and family units survived on the flimsiest of foundations. – This Crowded Earth by Robert Bloch
  2. But we know, with a knowledge which is burnt into us, how very many of the units live who compose these masses. – Lotus Buds by Amy Carmichael
  3. Answer: Four duads, or eight units – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown
  4. We found a barrel of beer had been left by one of the other units so we carefully carried the prize to our lines and then tapped it. – “Crumps”, The Plain Story of a Canadian Who Went by Louis Keene
  5. Confidence is a unit; every implies several units considered separately. – Slips of Speech by John H. Bechtel
  6. He was of that type chosen always by old man Packard to head any one of the Packard units a sort of confident mastery in his very stride, the biggest man of them, unkempt and heavy, with a brutal face and hard eyes. – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory
  7. It is easier, and accordingly more usual, to render an account of the moments and casual units of experience, than of its totality. – The Approach to Philosophy by Ralph Barton Perry
  8. Society is made up of units so similar to one another that any one can be replaced by some other, and, as a matter of fact, the place of everyone is at death filled by some successor. – Evolution by Frank B. Jevons
  9. The local churches were treated as self- governing units but were controlled by a series of authoritative Classes and Synods. – The Development of Religious Liberty in Connecticut by M. Louise Greene, Ph. D.
  10. When the distant sound of the pipes coming from the direction of the front line was heard in camp, men of the various transport lines and base units lined up to watch the battalion come in. – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor
  11. The members of these units got out of the train at Chupria, to join Admiral Troubridge. – My Diary in Serbia: April 1, 1915-Nov. 1, 1915 by Monica M. Stanley
  12. For days, in some instances for weeks, the units of the train had lain here on the border, and the men were growing restless. – The Covered Wagon by Emerson Hough
  13. Now- how much of your air- units is left? – Seed of the Arctic Ice by H. G. Winter
  14. All over that West, once so unspeakably wild and reckless, there now rise great cities where recently were scattered only mining- camps scarce fit to be called units of any social compact. – The Passing of the Frontier A Chronicle of the Old West, Volume 26 in The Chronicles Of America Series by Emerson Hough
  15. But it held and within its automatic units began feeding him oxygen, heat and radio- power. – Shipwreck in the Sky by Eando Binder
  16. That assumption is based upon the belief that we are dealing with two compact units – Beowulf An Introduction to the Study of the Poem with a Discussion of the Stories of Offa and Finn by R. W. Chambers
  17. Lately, however, printers have realized that single letters are like design units in an all- over pattern. – Text Books of Art Education, Book IV (of 7) by Hugo B. Froehlich Bonnie E. Snow
  18. They form the units of the intellectual process. – The Glands Regulating Personality by Louis Berman, M.D.
  19. It is possible to create such units for competition in business organizations. – Increasing-Human-Efficiency-in-Business-a-contribution-to-the-psychology-of-business by Scott, Walter Dill