Usage examples for unfurl

  1. Unfurl the flags, and load your guns! – How I Found Livingstone by Sir Henry M. Stanley
  2. Hopetoun Woods were still bare and brown, but soon the larches would get their pencils, the beeches would unfurl tiny leaves of living green, and the celandines begin to poke their yellow heads through the carpet of last year's leaves. – Penny Plain by Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas)
  3. Once cut the cable and unfurl the sail, And spreads the boundless sea, and drifts the hurrying gale! – The Poetical Works of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart. M.P. by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  4. " He don't unfurl the American flag, nor talk about liberty and the constitution. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  5. And something led me to unfurl that weather- worn flag, so that I could read. – A Minstrel In France by Harry Lauder
  6. Stand firm then, Afrikanders, prolong the glorious fight, Unfurl the good old 'Vierkleur. – My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War by Ben Viljoen
  7. Why have you not the courage to unfurl your own? – Three Comedies by Björnstjerne M. Björnson Commentator: R. Farquharson Sharp
  8. A second time the two girls together watched this phenomenon and then after an interval of ten minutes, during which neither one of them would change her position, for the third time they saw the two light clouds unfurl and this time, though they may not have been perfectly certain of this detail, there appeared tiny sparks and cinders amid the clouds. – The Camp Fire Girls Across the Seas by Margaret Vandercook
  9. Why should we yet our sail unfurl – Literature for Children by Orton Lowe
  10. We had no flag to unfurl but its sentiment was within us; and when we had finished we were prouder than ever to be Americans. – In the Early Days along the Overland Trail in Nebraska Territory, in 1852 by Gilbert L. Cole
  11. How the rich webs unfurl –  by
  12. Their leader found an asylum in a cave in the mountains, where he was secretly fed by an Indian curaca, till the time again for him to unfurl the standard of revolt. – History-of-the-Conquest-of-Peru by Prescott, William Hickling
  13. The air was full of the scent of evening primroses, and Miss Lydia, looking at a clump of them close to the step, could see the pointed buds begin to unfurl then hesitate, then tremble, then opening with a silken burst of sound, spill their perfume into the twilight. – An Old Chester Secret by Margaret Deland
  14. Then in a magic circle Seven thick white smokes upcurl, And forks of flame triumphant Like crimson flags unfurl – The Dales of Arcady by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe
  15. I urged the gentlemen to put to sea, and the captain, at last, seeing the number of Indians increase every moment, allowed himself to be persuaded: he ordered a part of the crew to raise the anchor, and the rest to go aloft and unfurl the sails. – Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America in the years 1811, 1812, 1813, and 1814 or the First American Settlement on the Pacific by Gabriel Franchere
  16. I trust the day is not far off when the beautiful Emerald Isle will unfurl her banner before the nations of the earth, enthroned as the Queen Republic of those northern seas! – Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  17. Moments later a mate in the maintop began to unfurl tops'ls, and after that the mainsail dropped in preparation to make for open sea. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
  18. After all, there is a certain zest in discomfort; we clamber in and draw the rough robe around us, unfurl our complicated Cauterets umbrella, and agree that the truest policy is to make little of discomfort and much of its zest. – A Midsummer Drive Through The Pyrenees by Edwin Asa Dix
  19. They assert also, that Charlemagne presented the pope with a banner, and authorized him to unfurl it in the cause of the church. – Monks, Popes, and their Political Intrigues by John Alberger