Usage examples for unformed

  1. I am to preserve her from a youth whose passions are so impetuous and whose principles are so unformed. – The Young Duke by Benjamin Disraeli
  2. The man might have been a poet, an artist, and the girl was an unformed, commonplace miss. – The Everlasting Arms by Joseph Hocking
  3. An unformed lump of I know not what. – Gryll Grange by Thomas Love Peacock Commentator: George Saintsbury
  4. Mr. Alwynn felt at times, when conversing with him, that Dare's life could not have been one in which the nobler feelings of his nature had been much brought into play, so crude and unformed were his ideas of principle and responsibility, so slack and easy- going his views of life. – The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley
  5. She was slight and unformed, but graceful beyond words. – Francezka by Molly Elliot Seawell