Usage examples for unfashionable

  1. Their first home was but two, or three rooms, high up in a big building in an unfashionable part of the town. – Journeys Through Bookland Volume Four by Charles H. Sylvester
  2. In fact, the beauty of dress depends on the beauty of the human figure, and whatever limits, constrains, and mutilates is essentially ugly, though the eyes of many are so blinded by custom that they do not notice the ugliness till it has become unfashionable. – Reviews by Oscar Wilde
  3. " I should like my cousin to accompany me to my unfashionable chapel," said Francis. – Mr. Hogarth's Will by Catherine Helen Spence
  4. In 1613 he published his Abuses Stript and Whipt, one of the general and rather artificial satires not unfashionable at the time. – A History of English Literature Elizabethan Literature by George Saintsbury
  5. Galvin House continued to dine at the unfashionable hour of seven- thirty. – Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert Jenkins
  6. I often take an unfashionable walk inside the Mall on Sunday afternoon, when the Irish people bring their babes to play upon the green. – Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class and Moral Culture of Infancy. by Elizabeth P. Peabody Mary Mann
  7. It's very tiny And in a quite unfashionable street; But it looks out across a bit of park To westward, as I've always hoped it would. – Mr. Faust by Arthur Davison Ficke
  8. Rather, we had always felt ashamed of the inelegant, unfashionable furniture of his reception- rooms, especially when he had the magistrate, or any other European, as his guest. – The Home and the World by Rabindranath Tagore
  9. Now that their two fates seemed settled, Miss Delburg got out of the chair and stood up in a dignified way; her soft cheeks were the color of a glowing pink rose, and her violet eyes shone with fun and excitement, her little, irregular features and perfect teeth seemed to add to the infantine aspect of the picture she made in her unfashionable pink cotton frock. – The Man and the Moment by Elinor Glyn
  10. And then she had that air of fashion, that look of being able to look down the unfashionable, which was so much in the eyes of Sir Henry; though in those of George Bertram it had been almost a demerit. – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  11. Soft black hat, flat black tie, and ill- fitting frock coat might readily have been identified by the respectable but unfashionable tradesmen patronised by Sir Jacques. – The Orchard of Tears by Sax Rohmer
  12. I can tell you, Fenton broke out, your doctrine is furiously unfashionable. – Pine Needles by Susan Bogert Warner
  13. She is a high- spirited creature, trained in her world to conceal her feelings, should she be unfashionable enough to have any, and perhaps the indifference with which she treats you is but a mask. – Calvert of Strathore by Carter Goodloe
  14. Up north it is unfashionable to be in a hurry. – The Huntress by Hulbert Footner
  15. To care very much for that on Count Tolstoi is not easy for those who are unfashionable enough not to care very much for the eloquent Russian himself. – Matthew Arnold by George Saintsbury
  16. He is not afraid of Society, or of what the clergy and such unfashionable and limited people say. – The Green Carnation by Robert Smythe Hichens
  17. The station to which they would have to go was five thousand feet up, lonely, healthy, and quite unfashionable. – The Dark Tower by Phyllis Bottome
  18. Oaths were not unfashionable in his day. – Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) by Isaac D'Israeli
  19. I'll admit I'm a saint and would wear a halo instead of a hat if 'twa'n't so unfashionable. – Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph C. Lincoln