Definitions of Undergoing

  1. Suffering; enduring; patient.

Usage examples for Undergoing

  1. Hartley, I am sure she is undergoing a great change." – The Man with a Shadow by George Manville Fenn
  2. It might be possible that he should recover in time, but while undergoing recovery he would be ruined;- so great were the young man's sufferings! – Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope
  3. It must be gone through, but the prospect of undergoing it filled him with disgust. – Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley
  4. It was written in Charthurst Prison nearly six weeks ago, where a woman who calls herself your wife is undergoing a term of imprisonment for forgery." – The Lamp in the Desert by Ethel M. Dell
  5. And, indeed, by 1835 the style and sentiment of English poetry was undergoing a remarkable change. – Studies in Literature and History by Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall
  6. Let us say no more, if you please, of what the army did in December, but of what it is undergoing at this moment, of that which is at its head, of that which is on its head. – Napoleon the Little by Victor Hugo
  7. Large numbers of the brightest and best of these converts were utilized in extending the work still further, and after undergoing a brief training, were sent out, some to aid the movement in the mother country, others to begin the work in different parts of Europe and in America, and still others as missionaries to all parts of the world. – The Social Work of the Salvation Army by Edwin Gifford Lamb
  8. She submitted to her master, of whom she was rather afraid, and with a singularly servile passion carried on the farce of undergoing small penances day by day. – La Sorcière: The Witch of the Middle Ages by Jules Michelet
  9. He seemed to be undergoing a sharp, inward struggle; at length he yielded. – Daisy Burns (Volume 2) by Julia Kavanagh
  10. " He is probably at this instant undergoing an interrogation. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  11. His mind kept going back to the figure of Dale- nervous, shaken, undergoing the terrors of the third degree at Anderson's hands. – The Bat by Avery Hopwood Mary Roberts Rinehart
  12. People of every calling, every citizen, the smallest places, the moat distant districts, bore their part in the work, often undergoing the greatest labours and sufferings, especially those on the frontiers. – Pictures of German Life in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries, Vol. II. by Gustav Freytag
  13. Noda- sama has ordered me to check and make certain the hilt remains in place while the tsuba is undergoing repair. – The Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover
  14. Nor, indeed, could the wreckers themselves have given a good reason for undergoing such an amount of ludicrous labor. – The Boy Slaves by Mayne Reid
  15. Every human individual in the enjoyment of his mental faculties knows himself as an abiding, self- identical being, yet as constantly undergoing real changes; so that throughout his life he is really the same being, though just as certainly he really changes. – Ontology or the Theory of Being by Peter Coffey
  16. That which answered for the needs and desires of a southern race could not be boldly transplanted into another environment and live without undergoing an evolution which takes time, a fact not disproven by later events. – The Cathedrals of Northern France by Francis Miltoun
  17. I knew by his face as soon as I saw him that he was undergoing some great mental strain. – Red Pottage by Mary Cholmondeley
  18. During the five years which had elapsed since Raleigh's last publication, English literature had been undergoing a marvellous development, and he who read everything and sympathised with every intellectual movement could not but be influenced by what had been written. – Raleigh by Edmund Gosse