Usage examples for unchaste

  1. When I realized what lives some of my poets had led, how they were drunkards, and swindlers, and unchaste, and untrue, I lamented over them with a sense of personal disgrace in them, and to this day I have no patience with that code of the world which relaxes itself in behalf of the brilliant and gifted offender; rather he should suffer more blame. – Literature and Life by William Dean Howells
  2. Chippewyans: Unchaste; Love and drums. – Primitive Love and Love-Stories by Henry Theophilus Finck
  3. Grant not to youth its heart's unchaste desire, But, swiftly spurning lust's unholy fire, Bless only love and willing wedlock's crown The war- worn fliers from the battle's wrack Find refuge at the hallowed altar- side, The sanctuary divine,- Ye gods! – Suppliant Maidens and Other Plays by AEschylus
  4. Hence his roundabout route; and hence his selection of the chaste as against the unchaste pavement of Coventry Street. – The Pretty Lady by Arnold E. Bennett
  5. Whatever you wish to be, that you may become, provided only that your ambition is sordid, criminal, and unchaste. – IT and Other Stories by Gouverneur Morris
  6. They say that she was also called Lupa; and Lupa being the name applied to a woman of unchaste character, as well as the term used to designate a she- wolf, in this manner the sceptics accounted for the marvellous story of the sons of Rhea being suckled by a wolf. – Roman Women Woman: In All Ages and in All Countries, Volume 2 (of 10) by Alfred Brittain
  7. Too dear I prized a fair enchanting face: Beauty unchaste is beauty in disgrace. – The Odyssey of Homer by Homer, translated by Alexander Pope
  8. Now from the stream Pelusian of the Nile, Was come the boyish king, taming the rage Of his effeminate people: pledge of peace; And Caesar safely trod Pellaean halls; When Cleopatra bribed her guard to break The harbour chains, and borne in little boat Within the Macedonian palace gates, Caesar unknowing, entered: Egypt's shame; Fury of Latium; to the bane of Rome Unchaste. – Pharsalia; Dramatic Episodes of the Civil Wars by Lucan